Unable to make calls from sim 1 after update in Rog 5



  • Hello,

    The Free.fr operator that I have for the Rog Phone 5 does not take VoLTE (this is a limitation of the operator, not of the tel), to test this function on the Sim1 and 2 location of the Rog Phone5 I took my Orange SIM and that of Bouygues from my other phones.

    The Rog phone 5 works well in VoLTE (and VoWIFI) with these two operators in both locations.

    there is only one difference with the Motorola G8 + and Samsung S20

    - G8 + and S20 display Free, Orange and Bouygues before entering the Pin SIM code.

    - Rog Phone 5 displays Free, Orange and Bouygues After entering the PIN SIM code.

    In all cases, all the functions and settings of the three operators and the package are correct.

    this will not solve your problem, just indicate that there is no difference between sim 1 and 2 (except the limitations of the active / passive technology) and that the problem is indeed software in some cases.

  • @FunBike31 Thanks for your response. You may have missed the part where I mentioned, the sim tray picks up the signal, uses mobile data to access internet but the volte icon is not displayed while using sim 1. But when I insert the sim In tray 2 , I can see the volte symbol near my network signal strength. I believe It is something to do with the software than the pins in sim slot.

  • Damn it! I just did a software update and I'm suddenly facing the same issue as @twothrones7A 🤬

    The moment the software update completed SIM 1 network wasnt showing. I restarted the phone, it started showing the signal bars but I noticed VOLTE wasnt there anymore. And voila, no more incoming or outgoing calls on SIM 1 🤷‍♂️

    What the heck do we do about this issue? It most definitely is a software bug, I ran all the tests and SIM 1 is working just fine in tests........

  • I called ASUS customer care, they gave the standard procedures of restarting in safe mode, factory reset, etc. I dont want to lose my data as I use this phone for work. They also said they will email me steps to downgrade the firmware, but that turned out to be a dud as it isn't for the ROG phone

  • SOLVED: The strangest thing, I'm using 2 sims and I was in middle of work when this blasted issue came up. So I swapped SIMS so I could continue making calls and lo and behold! I noticed VOLTE was working on both SIM trays!

    So I swapped the SIMS again and now everything is working perfectly. @twothrones7A hope you manage to resolve your issue. I was just about to very badly regret going for an ASUS and I actually love this phone! It's features like great battery and speakers actually make it a great work phone, I'm probably the only one who bought this for work. And it beats paying the silly asking amounts for flagship phones today!

  • @ViperX88 good to hear that your issue is resolved. I didn't update my phone yet with the lastest software I recieved today. Lemme try that and keep you posted.

  • Finally, Finally!!!!! The lastest update fixed the issue. I can see the volte icon in sim tray 1 and it is working as it should be. The technicians who said it is an hardware issue can kiss my ass now. Know your product before commenting on something. We, customer can figure out the issue in your product when you are clueless. It's good that I waited for the new update instead of sending my phone for service centre. Should sell this bloody phone asap 😂 I am moving back to Samsung!

  • @twothrones7A I'm glad your phone is back in action! No point blaming underqualified and underpaid technicians, they dont know squat. Software bugs will always exist, even with bigger brands. As long as it aint a deal breaker I dont see why you should stop enjoying a good product. Trust me the ROG phone is extreme value for money!

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