[5z] Bad Service! Battery Changed 4 Months ago and now it is very Badly Degraded, Seeing Idle Drain.



  • Is there anyone who can look into my matter??? its more than 16 days of service please help no one is responding me clearly. @ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @fussion_ASUS @Irene2_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Karen_ASUS @Laura_ASUS

  • Time to file a consumer complaint, mate. For deficiency of services.

  • But where will @AmitGarde file complaint? I have tried consumerhelpline.gov.in but that didnt help. I didnt receive any reply from the company end for straight 3 weeks! After that, i closed the case.

  • In the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum of the district where the service center is located.

    Should be filed under the Consumer Protection Act.

    However, a legal notice prior to that can work wonders.

  • Update :-

    I got a call yesterday from mathews sir and his authority head chetan sir according to both of them battery tests are getting passed and as they dont have any authority to check with motherboard as it can get dead if device is out of warrenty

    So now they have offered me the change of battery again and they said as you are not satisfied with our service we are ordering a new battery again for you but here i think my issue will still remain as it is because last time battery was changed and problem stayed as it was, so now i think if its board issue they said i have to pay 80 % of board cost in advance and they will check with board. Those were two options i was offered then i told them change of battery is the only thing i can afford for now..!

    I dont know my problem will get resolved even after this new battery installation :( if problem stays then i have to use my device with idle drain issue as it is.... :(

    I hope in future service centres will change its policy of not touching board for out of warrenty customers... Because most of issues reside on boards or else customers will get unsatisfied as i am....:(

    @Titan_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @fussion_ASUS @Kris_ASUS


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    My wide angle has stopped working all of a sudden and yet I don't care much of going to service center coz in 6-7 months I am anyway changing my phone.

    The SC near my home is a outsourced one where they don't even have the tools to open up the glass panel, thus not going there. (Joke brand, I live in the capital of India and even here they have just a single official SC)

    The exclusive and official Asus SC is far of that my half day would be wasted there and who knows what would be the end result, whether they ask for money or do it for free (courtesy of device being 3yr old)

    Move on bro, this 5z was plagued with issues from the start itself like no SIM issue, camera blur issue, not fast charging issue and what not...

    Even if the ZF8 comes in India, the 4000mAh is not gonna make it, atleast for me... So probably first and last Asus phone for me

  • Same, man.

    Wide Angle camera stopped working, all of a sudden.

    Response is to take it to the service center.

    Anyway, I am also going to change my phone, so not going to spend a single more penny on this one.

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    Same issue wide angle camera is dead and battery is weak . I got the device just a few days after launch & it is a good device with pathetic service & support . Looking at the service experience of 2-3 guys visiting Asus outsourced service centers seem to be dangerous for your phone 💀

  • Is Asus deliberating doing this?

    Bad battery backup, I can understand, after three yeas, but wide angle camera not working suddenly is weird.

    We can take a survey and then report it to tech websites and other authorities.

  • There you go -


    This issue is indeed wide spread but Asus just doesn't seem to bother about it.

    Anyway, it's an old phone because of that but Asus 5z has always been plagued with issues such as in the early days the phone couldn't detect the SIM and sometimes all of a sudden the camera goes blurry for some reason

  • Yeah, the issue seems widespread and yes, it's an old phone but the truth is zenfone 5z have always had issues. Gps issue, no network issue, camera blur issue, wide angle camera not working issue etc.

    Seems like cheap hardware coupled with bad software integration.

    Anyway, lesson learnt. Asus, never again.

  • I just heard a friend saying that WiFi stopped working in his ROG phone 5 after an update. And that the forum is rife with such issues for his phone too.

    So basically Asus doesn't make good phones.. period.

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    Now all of sudden my battery has started to work back to normal i dont know how...!

    I bought my device back from service centre before 15 days with unsolved issue because of my frustration with service and time it was taking to repair. Until 4 days ago idle drain was constantly seen and later till today i am now surprisingly stopped seeing idle drain....! I tested With all the settings set but everything seems to be back to normal ... :) But now what i am seeing is battery backup is reduced to some extent like half hour or 1 before i use to see 5.30 -6.00 hrs SOT with new battery but now after all this long story SOT i am seeing now is 4hrs.30min but i am happy that idle drain i stopped but dont know how...! @ARP_ASUS @fussion_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS

    Thanksalot for all support..

  • I think this is due to phone's AI is trying to learn from that new battery output, as 5z is full of AI learning, isn't it the cause?

  • Google Play service ID culprit in my case. And it works in mysterious ways. Sometime it eats the battery, sometime it works just fine.

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