ZenWifi CT8 Slow WiFi Speeds

AaronRAaronR Level 1
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  1. Model: ZenWiFi CT8
  2. Frequency: Daily


Hi everyone! I bought the Asus ZenWifi CT8 AI Mesh pair to improve my network coverage.

While signal strength is great, the speeds I am getting are not. I have a 150 Mbps internet connection, and the Asus router is giving me anything between 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps throughout the day. However, if I connect wirelessly to the ISP modem, I get 170 Mbps. So the bottleneck is definitely the Asus router.

I switched to a cleaner channel to avoid interference, but the issue remains. I switched it to AP Mode, thinking that the router functions were the culprit, but I still get inconsistent slow speeds on the Asus.

Do you have any ideas on what could I do to get a speed closer to what I know my network is capable of?


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