Bgmi lagging while screen recording after .86 update.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:rog 5
  2. Firmware Version:. .86
  3. Rooted or not:not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:while screen recording
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):bgmi

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


While screen recording the bgmi starts lagging like crazy after this update.


  • Hi,

    Please share the game graphics and phone settings used. Also, confirm if the inbuild screen recorder was used. I can duplicate the issue on my phone.

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    I have commented already , it said your comment will appear after it has been approved.

    I ll write again :

    In game : smooth + 90 fps , colorful with AA on. Armory : gaming tuning level 3 , hardcore tuning : everything high. Game genie screen recorder was used.

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    In game : smooth and 90 fps with anti analising on, armory : gaming tuning level 3 .hardcore tuning : everything high and also I used the game genie screen recorder.

    Aero active cooler on max with AC on in my room , consider the ambient room temperature 28.

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    I am gona voice my concerns completely with the sole purpose of letting you know and the rest is upto you.

    1. Bgmi lagging while screen recording after this .86 update .

    Ps. I am in top 500 players in indian server tpp squad , so if you cant reciprocate it , you should try playing in that high level lobby or some customs in which many players are alive in last zones.

    To elaborate it further - if you can feel the difference in playing on 60fps and 90 fps , it's the same difference while screen recording at 90 fps the smoothness of the game is the same as the gameplay in 60 fps, but in final circles it starts lagging without any temp throttling.

    2. While talking on carrier call , whatsapp call or even talking to your teammates in lobby - if you are in a washroom - it's fine for a couple of minutes ,but after few minutes the other person can't hear you properly - they complain of hearing a robotic voice , then you have to turn off the loudspeaker on call and then turn it on again - again it's fine for a couple of minutes n then again they start hearing a robotic voice. It's a major issue.( This problem has been there forever not related to update )

    3. While playing bgmi - if from the game genie option you have turned on the no calls option - then if someone calls you ofcourse you don't see the notification on screen , but the game sound is muted for a couple of seconds . Again a major bug. google chrome - in you have multiple tabs opened and you switch to portrait mode , the bottom tab toolbar displays over the webpage ,then you again have to go back and then again rotate the phone to portrait mode to make it disappear.( This problem has been there forever not related to update )

    5. Sound lowering is not optimised , if you lower the sound on Netflix etc. -before .86 update - even lowering the audio by one point , completely lowered the audio as to near inaudible , but after .86 update - there is unrecognisable lowering upto 3 points and then again there too much lowering of audio, all the points below are completely useless, like this - toggle level for audio are limited to 4-5 points while there are more than 10 points .

    6. While calling someone , I don't know why the ringing sound is also coming out from the bottom loudspeaker after .86 update.

    7. On headphones - in bgmi - if you switch from dynamic mode to x mode - there is automatic lowering of headphone sound.

    if there is continuous firing - there is auto lowering of sound.

    If you connect the charger - there is auto lowering of sound.

    While the .86 update was great , as far as touch optimisation and idle ram usage was concerned , I don't face any throttling issue while playing bgmi for long continuous hour. Everything else is great , I just wanted to point out these bugs.

    @Gustav_ASUS @ARP

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    Another bug I came across : while on call , the other person hears his own voice if volume is set to max since the sound is also coming from the bottom loudspeaker now after the .86 update. If you turn the speaker on then atleast there is no echo but then after a couple of minutes there is the issue of robotic voice , as described above, so to fix 1 problem of low call volume you guys have created 5 others .

  • In recording in codm. Robotic soung is experience as well if connect the earphone to the aerocooler. Though connecting the earphone to the bottom of audio jack, the robotic sound input disappears, when screen recording microphone on. Seems to work just fine.

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