Zenbook DUO 14 - ScreenPad Plus - capture and placement not working correctly

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  1. System: win10 current 21H1 19043.1110
  2. Model: UX481FLY


Detailed description:

Part 1:

When using the screenpad to simply open the "Number Key" tile, it will randomly choose a size or position - and will only remember "last state" once out of a hundred attempts and will of course be different on next use.

I would like it on the last third of the screen on the right (where it would traditionally be on a normal keyboard). But this seems impossible.

After moving it (and sometimes resizing it), the next time I open it, it will be anywhere but where I had it, and sometimes can populate two columns or one column. Nothing else is present on the ScreenPad Plus - but it will overlap - or not - if something like a file folder is open in one or two columns.

Part 2:

Task Group.

A similar issue occurs trying to create a "task group".

Open app on main top monitor, open a file folder and place on the preset left two columns of screenpad - open number key on right 3rd column. Select matching patterns in the TaskGroup options - Hit capture.

Main monitor keeps app (good), ScreenPad will literally switch 2 column folder and 1 column number pad.

When saved, it then opens this wrong configuration.

  • side note - there also seems to be no way to manually rearrange the captured objects within the capture window.

Any one have any ideas?

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