asus are you laughing?

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  • CIGCIG Level 2

    wrote that they corrected the sound, but you made it even worse ... just spat in our face ...

    the last update, this is horror in terms of sound, it used to be PERFECT, now it's something like that of xiaomi ...

    update 58 RIP.....

  • New update which has apparently fixed the sound 18.0840.2106.86

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    Thanks asus, it's just great, now the sound is just a trash heap, are you deliberately mocking us?

  • Really ? Are you sure ? Because you mentioned .58 update, this one is .86

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    ofc !!!!! i wait this update for only this fix .

  • CIGCIG Level 2

    how angry I am, the sound is now jumping as if overloading the speakers, it turns out that the sound is quieter then louder, it's just awful ...

    Do testers generally look at what they produce?

  • CIGCIG Level 2

    it's not even close to what it was when I just bought the device


  • My finger print reader stopped working unless the screen is on.. very frustrating for unlocking.

  • All right this is for all those who are talking about FINGERPRINT ISSUES. I have personally tested this for quite a while and even with the latest update .86 i have noticed that there is delay and also errors with my thumb even after having registered it many times. But when i use my left thumb it opens up smooth without any issues. From my test what i have understood is:

    1. If you have a Tempered Glass it could affect the finger reading,

    2. If your primary finger to open the phone is right like mine at times it may not read because our primary thumb fingerprints are generally not prominent compared to the other thumb.

    3. The fingerprint reader is not that big so reading the impression of your fingers can be tough.

    All these am sharing after having the tempered glass on my phone. If you remove any protection you have applied you may see a little difference.

    Hopefully you understand this issue and i request you all to register atleast your left thumb also for the fingerprint. Try it out.

  • ghost_zghost_z Level 1

    I do concur on the loudness part, speakers are quieter at max volume now but too soon for me to say they sound shit, i havent felt that drastic of a difference.

    But it sucks that they aren't as loud now. I donno why asus cant follow the if it ain't broke dont fix it mantra and let good things be.

  • Well now the war is like do you want depth or loudness. Choose any 1. This is what the devs are thinking now. They probably are thinking, what a minute, didn't we just give you the depth after you all revolted against loudness. 🤣

    Well according to me, lets not rush and confuse them. We should ask ourselves now what exactly do we want. Is the speaker so bad that its unbearable or cant be listened to!

  • Anyways this is for all the ROG 5 users. I may not be an expert technically but from the past updates in regards to the playback of speakers, my observation is that if you need depth of sound there is surely be a reduction in the clarity/ treble. And if you need loudness/clarity the bass/depth will reduce.

    So the question here lies what do we want! And in this .86 update i am sure that most of us have noticed that the previous depth has come back. The loudness if you say so has reduced, i would say its very hard to ascertain that it has reduced and even if so i feel its like negligible reduction.

    I am not a spokesman of Asus but just like you i am an enthusiastic lover of this phone and love to have a phone at its best. You should ask yourself once and see does this update really affect your badly on your daily usage. I am sure not. You need to understand that this phone is targeted towards a specific audience in the market and Asus Devs do pay focus on what the end users want. Yes they are slow i believe but they do the job what is asked for. Probably takes time as its a custom build os which involves lots of tweaks to give a smooth experience. I am sure if we provide them feedback they will take it positively and do the changes but if these end users given 1000s of request which are not relevant and different,it becomes hard for the Team.

  • @CH_ASUS @ARP @Falcon_ASUS @Christin @gustafsson.richard@GusHarmon@GusHarmon @fuselnw1 please add option to enable rgb when open camera app

    This is a disaster to disabled rgb when open camera app

  • waxy78611waxy78611 Level 3
    edited July 2021

    I think what Asus should do is leave .86 Update as it it, But, change the speakers settings back to how they where when the phone was first released right up to the update BEFORE .56update.

    after 5.6 update that's when speaker issues started.

    They need to restore default speaker settings.

  • True,but do we know what sort of sacrifice will happen again if its reverted🤣. Again we might face loudspeaker issues and microphone not working ,being flooded in the forum.🤗

  • That's very true 🤣🤣🤣 I think I'd stick to having slightly lower volume 😜

    Also, if anyone is interested, go to accessibility settings and choose Mono audio, you'll get a volume boost. Check screenshot

  • I found that the speaker equalization stops working effectively after my morning alarm goes off. Actually, a lot of audio stuff break afterwards. Media would freeze randomly as if it's waiting for the audio I/O to respond. I would have to reboot my phone to fix it.

    On top of that, I need to manually drag the bass slider to turn it off and then back on for the equalizer to kick back in.

    These were not an issue in the previous update, so something changed that's causing these things. Let me know if you need my cooperation to get whatever logs are needed.

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