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Hi, how are you finding the Android 11 Update?

Any noticeable differences?

Is battery life the same, worse or better than Android 10?

Black crush been fixed?

How is temperature of phone?

Is there volte in UK?

Overall, do you prefer Android 10 or 11?

Any info, as much as possible would be highly appreciated as I haven't updated yet but willing to update based on feedback,

Thank you.



  • 1.) many users have praised for A11 version to have a much more smooth UI, probably due to much updated ZenUI

    2.) Android 11, is mostly a polished A10, aside from bubbles I don't think there is anything a normal user would notice, however there are optimizations all over the place.

    3.) Should be better, as for what battery life actually is on the A11 version, has yet to be seen. Some Beta testers have reported better battery life, however this might be placebo. So take it with a grain of salt.

    4.) We don't know yet, but beta version didn't.

    5.) I doubt anything changed there.

    6.) I haven't heard reports of people mentioning lack of UK VoLTE, but who knows at this point, VoLTE is always a big topic on any ASUS phone.

    7.) Since Android 11 is a polished Android 10, I doubt anywould would prefer the older OS, I think the better question should be if people prefer the old or new ZenUI.

  • I mean everything is smooth AF! But as mentioned new zenui , there nothing noticable change in UI until you start agressively netpicking so yea , all we can say is polished A10 and yes worth upgrading from A10

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    Is the new UI similar to the one on rog 5? Like i see some features like eSports mode in rog 5, did they arrive on rog 3 after the update??

    Im from india too but didn't get the update 😖, waiting for it


    currently A11 starting with Taiwan only. You can however manually update using the global or TW download centre. some users have already did that.

  • Well you will get when global release starts , most of us updated manually via software available on Asus website which is global version only but mentioned as only for TW so nobody is sure if global will be same or different so i will suggest you to wait for global release but anyway volte and everything else is working fine

    And let me disappoint you that we are not getting a single feature from rog 5 , i mean if they give us rog 5 features than their rog 5 will be trash 😂

  • Rog 3's android 11 update is based on Zen ui 7

    Rog 5's android 11 is based on latest Zen ui 8

  • They took 9 months to release A11 update. 😂😂

    Jokes apart they their dev team is shitty who can't even fix color banding issue.

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    The phone was out less than 1 year ago and now we got the update, I don't see what is the issue.

    I don't think we bought a rog phone in order to wait updates.

    Few more days and we'll start seeing discussions about android 12 I bet

  • Heya guys and gals

    I'm a UK based ROG PHONE 3 owner and am wondering if we will get an OTA update to Android 11 at any point. I've tried the download file, the phone see's it,I begin the process but then says update failed before anything happens. My current software version is 17.0822.2005.11 on Android 10. I have the ASUS I003DD MODEL with 256gb ROM and 12gb RAM.

    Is there anything special or specific i should be doing to update ?

    Thanks for the help people:-) hope you're all well.

  • AVSAVS Level 2

    Asus just deleted the android 11 ww update from its website?

    Gone back to .147... Lol why??

  • Its still there but they did remove the borked source code. Bios firmware tab changes based on region. Trynthe other tab and you will find it.

  • Thanks buddy. I've done that and it's all done. Works like a dream:-) feels like a new phone again. Love the dual band WiFi connectivity ) connecting to both 2.4 and 5 GHz freqs at the same time). Just wish we had WiFi calling as well. Other then that. Ace:-) thanks Danishblunt:-)

    Ps. Anyone got a spare black case they wanna donate, mines cracked and I cant for the life of me find any for sale in the UK.

  • Do you have volte working on your phone? If so, what network are you on.

  • new update for rog 3 is given in #Source_code please guys check it in install it ... don't wait for ota update it might take more time.

    don't download from firmware option go for source code

    link :

  • Are you implying everyone should just recompile their own ROM and Kernels? 🤣

  • I'm on three UK. Works like a dream and seems to dial numbers faster and the 5g seems stronger too. :-) hope that helps Kamal.

  • AVSAVS Level 2

    Ha bhai teek hey, why not from firmware .. reason? Like I did from firmware and I see app crashes after 15-20 minutes of using a game app. ( Codm, sao if ).

  • AVSAVS Level 2

    And what's this keyboard bug?

    It's appearing once in a while.

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