hold key for google assistant, needs improvement

rejettorejetto Level 1
edited August 2021 in ZenFone 8

Dear Asus, I'm a heavy user of the google assistant and i love the "hold key" feature.

This is one of the reasons I preferred you over Samsung, because their button wakes "bixby" that's not as good as Google assistant.

When I use it, it takes around 1 second before I hear the sound indicating i can finally speak. It would be nice if you get to optimize this a bit, like even 0.5 seconds. I had an iphone for few weeks and I could speak since the very moment i pressed the button, no delays. I can live with it, sure, but I can tell you it's affecting the way i perceive the goodness of the service many times at day.

Also, when i use it I can hear the sound of activation 2-3 times. It's never one. Sounds faulty.

Thanks for your attention


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