Bugs happen in 438 version Android 10 at Asus Max Pro M1

Hlw mod I am a Asus Max Pro M1 user and I am using your aosp beta Android 10 build version-438 and I am facing some issues on it.

So please slove my issue and provide me a proper solution.

Bugs are-

1- WiFi issue when I am connected any WiFi so it automatically disconnected in every 10 to 40 sec or 1 minutes and automatically connected, so please optimise it properly, and I am doing factory reset trouble shooting.

2- voice crack issue at full volume in whatsapp app , so please slove this issue also.

3- and overall system is stable but little bit optimization and software polish is need because Audio by speaker and headphone is okay but little bit more optimization is need ,so keep your eye on it and optimise it.

Overall Aosp 438 version is stable but little bit optimization is need, I hope Asus team definitely provide one more update on this device for improvement regarding above mentioned bugs..



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