Regarding the ethics followed by a service center (India)

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Hi, this is my first post. A few days back, my ZenFone 5z started misbehaving. It used to auto-restart, lag a little, and very slowly charge. I visited an authorized service center near me and handed over my phone. A day later they inform me that some software repair is needed and the sub PCB needs to be changed. The charges for the software part would be Rs. 500 and that for the sub-board Rs. 1000 (total = Rs. 1500). However, I was aware of the spare parts price list available on the ASUS website. The actual price of the spare part is Rs 376. I asked why he is overcharging and said that there may be an error from their end or the ASUS website. The next day I called him and he immediately agreed with me over the price issue.

I am very disappointed with their work ethic. They must have "robbed" many customers. They should be heavily penalized.

Also, how do I know that the spare part is actually needed or they are just trying to make money off me?

My phone is still with them and I shall not pay unless this is resolved.


  • Hi, please check your inbox for the private message I've sent you, since the further information that we need involves your personal information. Thank you.

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    Seems they don't have spares either . I have been calling the service center since the last one month for battery & USB port replacement on my 5Z but it seems they don't have spares . Apparently, you need to submit your phone for a week & then they will order the part & then they will service your phone. Are they expecting you to stay without mobile for a what should be a 30 minute repair job . Very dissapointed 🙄😓 . I dont know if ASUS is serious about indian market

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    Hi @vkk178 ! I had submitted my phone on 14th July. I discovered that they were charging 2.5 times for the spare part. I decided not to pay and contact ASUS customer care. However, they just kept transferring the issue to higher support levels. Yesterday, I gave up on this and paid the actual amount for the repair. Today, I got a call from customer care saying that the spare part has been shipped as a priority (thankful for that). Hoping to receive the handset within a week!

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    More than a week OMG. And why are they charging 2.5x the actual amount . Shouldn't they atleast be having a stock of basic spare parts ? I can understand if it's a motherboard issue or something more complicated .. But battery ,usb ports , external buttons & screen are commonly replaced items .Thankfully for now I have sorted out my USB port issue by thoroughly cleaning it . But their standard reply was " You have to leave the phone for a week "

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    Just called up one of the SVC centers ..They don't even have Rs 600 spare battery in stock . And expect us to leave the phone for 5 - 10 days . Seriously Asus if you're serious about Indian market this is not the way ..

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    Exactly, right? I am pretty sure they have made fools out of their past customers just by overcharging. It's not like I was their first customer. They must have had a reference price list. Even I am disappointed with such activities happening on ASUS authorized service centers.

  • I faced similar issues with camera module. Primary camera was blurry exactly after 1 year, so warranty was over, they charged Rs. 4000 to replace it. Again after 1 year same issues occured. And the warranty was over with in 3 months this time.

    Faced many more issues like No signal issue, Fast charging issue, OTG detection, many more software bugs

    So asus built this 5z device with faulty hardware and buggy software.

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    I am so pissed off with the whole servicing experience.

    After I paid the required servicing cost to the service center (21 Jul), I did not receive the RMA number for a few days despite I was told so. On 24 Jul, I called the center but was informed that I won't receive it until the spare part arrives. Today (26 Jul), I got in touch with customer support, he put the service center on a conference call and literally asked her to send me the RMA number. This is so annoying. Why do I have to put in efforts to make them do their basic job?

    Additionally, I was informed that the spare part would be shipped on priority and should take no more than 10 days. However, it'll take 3 weeks. The spare is not even dispatched from the warehouse and it's been 5 days already. This is not acceptable at all.

    This is badly stressing me out. I've been largely using a laptop for the past 13 days. Neither the logistics nor the service center is of any good.

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    I understand the stress levels with such experience . Seriously Asus are you serious about Indian market

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    Update on my battery : I now need to charge the battery thrice and am still not finding a spare

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