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Hlw Team I am a Asus product user ,I have a Asus phone Asus Max Pro M1 device and I am using your Android 10 AOSP beta version on this device few days like 20 to 25 days and I am facing multiple bugs and crashes on it.

so can you let me know when your team release proper stable update on this device because we are already waiting from past 7 months and still your team are not release any bug fixed update on Asus Max Pro M1 device.

say to your team members that provide a major bugs fixed stable updates on this device as soon as possible in this month!!


  • Hi, kindly list down the issues you have been facing so that we could assist you better and also we would like to know whether you've tried any troubleshooting.

  • #fussion_ASUS firstly I am glad to your reply,

    Hey mod I facing some very irritating bugs like- WIFI bug in which WiFi connection not stable means it is disconnected automatically and after few sec it is automatically connected then disconnected after few seconds and then connected after few seconds, and I'm doing all trouble shooting like network reset ,WiFi reset, also full format process but still this bug is not going and irritating to me every seconds.

    2-and second bug is voice is so loud and crack during WhatsApp calling with someone,this bug is also happen in previous version of Android 10 beta and it also happen with latest 438 version of Android 10 AOSP on Asus Max Pro M1 device...

    That's it , I hope Asus Team You understand my feedback , your software update is stable but little bit optimisation is need like - above mentioned bugs are very irritating in day to day life uses, I'm currently using Android 9 version because some bugs on Android 10 AOSP is very irritating, so please release one new update and fixed this bugs as soon as possible.


  • Hi, thank you for highlighting the issues. We have made a note of the feedback and will share it with the relevant team.

  • yes please release new update on this device!!

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    @fussion_ASUS Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Issues

    1. While Calling many time receiver unable to listen my voice without my mobile out speaker on. Once my mobile out Speaker is on, receiver listening my voice. Earphone also working well.
    2. Display color selection (Warm/Standard/Cool) option not available.

    Many issues already posted but still no response from you. Please inform the status of Stable Update. Are you doing the update or not. Please update the current status of stable update. More than 7 months no updates received.

  • Unfortunately ASUS is this, lack of information and dialogue with the customer. Android 10 stable update should have been finished and delivered last year, this year it's been 7 months since the beginning of the year but ASUS doesn't care about MAX PRO M1 and M2 for a long time. It's a brand that's over for me, I have the MAX PRO M2, it's functional but I don't buy anything from ASUS never again.

  • bro cool at this time Asus have few team members and rest are working from home that's why updates are delayed at this time , not only for Asus Max Pro M1 moreover also with flagship devices like rog phone 3 etc , that's why keep wait and give some more time to Asus Team because we all are know Asus Team have not good developers that's why these all are working slow for every device..😊

    cool bro and relax don't take tension, updates are definitely come on ours devices before 2022

  • I don't think the update will come a year later? NO.

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