Phone randomly restarting again even after I C replacement



  • I already did

    But no one cares about rog 2 users anymore

    All they want is rog 5 sales and then rog 6 later

    They don't give a shit about us anymore

    Speaking of service center guys, the mess they made to my phone

    I'm really ashamed of callling them technicians ,even youtubers know better than those so called certified technicians

    I don't care about that service center anymore

    let them do whatever they want with users phone, I don't care ,even if share my story ,no one gives a damn about it

    That's how it is in asus ecosystem

  • Sadly this is a widespread issue all over the world. Be is ASUS, Apple, Samsung, Oneplus or other brands. This is why right to repair is important and this is why ASUS is also one of the better companies out there as they do not prevent 3rd party sellers from buying replacement parts, this is why I would urge you to visit a proper 3rd party and reputable repair center to get a proper and fast repair on your phone. People always think that they are getting screwed by 1 company and that the grass is greener on the other side, but in reality its a clown fiesta.

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