Does the Zenfone 8 Support the C Band

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I understand 5G to be all the rage, but it appears C Band is the thing to have if you're getting into the 5G realm, otherwise there's no point. So, does the Zenfone support the C Band?


  • Hi @DailyDose

    C Band refers to n77/n78/n79

    ZenFone 8 supports 2 of them. (n77/n78)

    The 5G band list for ZenFone 8 is:

    5G Bands: n1,n2,n3,n5,n7,n8,n12,n20,n28,n38,n77,n78

    5G Standalone (SA): n77, n78

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    Thank you for your very informative response! Very much appreciated.

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