Any way to run 2 ext monitors on UX330UA?

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  3. Model: UX330UA
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  5. Reset OS: Win10
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Is there ANY way to attach two external monitors to UX330UA and have them recognized as separate displays? Not looking for an HDMI splitter, all that does is replicate a single display on two monitors. USB-C on this laptop does apparently not support HDMI. Any other way to do it?


  • JarekMJarekM Level 1

    Try docking station with external video adapter built in. For example something like "i-tec USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station HDMI DVI". Not suitable for gaming but for other usage good enough.

  • marymmarym Level 1

    Thanks so much for the product rec! Just to be clear, by "not suitable for gaming" you mean that it won't give me a resolution that's good enough for game graphics, correct? I'm not thinking of that, just for being able to have a zoom call on one monitor and a bunch of ordinary windows open in the other.

  • JarekMJarekM Level 1

    For games you may experience small lag. It's especially noticable when docking station is connected over usb 2. With typical "office" type of tasks and usb 3 I did not notice any problems. Once drivers installed (make sure you install proper drivers from vendor website) it worked seamlessly for years. Now, with new laptop, I switched to usb c dock.

    There are many similar products from different vendors based on the same chipset with slightly different features. You have to investigate it for yourself....

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