New Asus User + Accidentally Pressed Sim Card Ejector Tool into Mic!

Hey everyone,

Just became the proud new owner of a Zenfone 8. I used to be a huge OnePlus fan, but for various reasons have decided not to support them at the moment. In looking for great, customizable hardware from a company that is not directly tied to the CCP, I decided on this mini-monster and bought shortly after it became available in the US.

Well, I just unboxed the phone last night and did a total n00b move: I accidentally pressed my SIM Card ejector tool into the bottom mic next to the SIM tray. I pressed into it until I realized nothing was happening, then discovered the error of my ways. Pic for reference:

Anyway, I spoke with ASUS Customer Support and unfortunately they weren't of much help. So I called a local cell phone repair shop and they told me it's probably fine, and now, I'm reaching out here in hopes someone with knowledge on this particular handset can shed some light on two key questions:

1) Would this have penetrated any waterproofing?

2) Is it possible I damaged the mic itself?

Thanks in advance! Besides this obvious mistake and the somewhat lacking customer service from ASUS, I'm really happy to be in the Zenfone community. These are great devices!



  • laci.karalaci.kara Level 2

    Condenser mics used in phones usually have a solid front, so I would not worry. Also You can test the mic with Spectroid app.

  • ZF8UserZF8User Level 2

    Try typing .12345+= into the included calculator app, in there, you will be able to test out each individual microphone so you will be able to see if it is damaged. Even though I think it will not be damaged

  • Thanks laci.kara and Adaoh, it does seem to be working fine. I'm now mostly hoping I didn't affect any water resistance in that area! (Not that I'm planning on diving with it. LOL)

  • kikolykikoly Level 5
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    After confirmation, the ZenFone 8 mechanism designed the microphone ventilation channel to be an L-shaped pipe.

    If the eject pin is accidentally inserted into the microphone hole, you will only find that the SIM card slot cannot be ejected, and it will not damage the waterproof mechanism or affect the radio function.

  • me.0mby8me.0mby8 Level 1

    As for the water resistance part if the phone has a barometer then maybe take a look at this

  • Thanks kikoly, I really appreciate this and everyone else for your replies. It sounds like my new Zenfone has resisted my mistake. A good sign for the years to come.

  • As a matter of fact I was about to make the same mistake a couple of days ago. I'm used to Oneplus style of sim trays with holes inside and it's not immaterially obvious which hole is a mic and which one is the tray ejector on Zenfone 8. Good to know it's fool proof ;)

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