Dissapointing Service; Gave back flawed laptop

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  1. System: FX566LI (ASUS TUF F15)
  2. Model: FX566LI
  3. Frequency of occurrence: Constant
  4. Still Under Warranty: 6 months


Detailed description:So about 2 months ago I had a dead display issue, I contacted ASUS Customer Service which put me in contact with their local service centre. Initial response was positive, they tired replacing the LCD, the display cable and in the end they replaced the motherboard to fix the issue but all of this took more than 2 months and they barely gave me any updates in fact I was ignored for the most part until in the end when i had to barge into their service centre.

Anyway they fixed teh display issue but the laptop they gave up had serious issues, wifi/bluetooth didn't work, camera didn't work, mic had noise even if I use external mic it has a lot of noise and with most headphones it doesnt even connect to the mic it uses laptop mic instead.

It's been a week and a half since I complained about my laptop and the service centre is making excuses and selling me fake promises.

I tried reinstalling windows, reinstall all the latest drivers but nothing seemed to work, for some reason camera started working but its so jittery and a lot of noisy pixels.

Honestly, I am just tired of all this, I want a refund but the service centre keeps telling me to give another chance to fix the laptop while they havent fixed anything.

Can someone help me? Either to get a better, reliable and quicker service or in getting a replacement/refund.

PS. Tagging @Blake_ASUS here as I was told he could help me.



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