FA506IV Audio / Video stuttering problem

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  1. System: Windows 10 x64 Pro
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: FA506IV
  4. Frequency of occurrence: after 4-5 hours
  5. Reset OS: No
  6. Screenshot or video: Attached


Detailed description:After running my system for 4-5 hours any video/audio application is suffeering from stuttering every couple of seconds. Video and audio stutters. Does not matter if it is an on-line video / audio combination or a video / audio played using for VLC.

The stutter goes away after rebooting the system but it comes back after 4-5 hours.

It is a huge problem because it makes impossible to use the laptop for Business Calls using Teams because there is no warranty that the next call will not suffer from audio / video stuttering issue.

Tried to change the drivers for NVIDIA and AMD cards and the AMD Chipset but it did not help. Bios is updated to the latest available version.

If anyone can help I would be gratefull.


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    I think I found a workaround. You need to launch gpedit.msc and disable Automatic Driver Updates in Windows Updates settings. Next You need to download Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 21.6.1 Win10-64Bit-June28.

    You need to install it and when asked about keeping settings and clean install You need to select clean install and unselect to keep settings.

    After reboot You need to relaunch the installer so it completes the installation process.

    After that it seems the problem is gone.

    It seems that from time to time Windows Update would install an older driver that is not compatible with Adrenalin Software and can cause this kind of problems.

    The driver was usually installed automatically so it was easy to miss when it installed itself.

    It seemed like a typical Windows Update procedure.

    Can anyone with this kind of problem confirm that this solution helps?

  • I'm afraid that after keeping the computer for the night, idling, and trying to play something at the morning the problem returned. So my question is still on. Anyone got his method to solve this problem?

  • So I've allowed the operating system to install the invalid drivers. Then I've blocked the driver updates again.

    Then I've decided to give the Non-WHQL driver a shot.

    I've installed Non WHQL Radeon Software Adrenalin-2020 21.6.2 Win10-64Bit June29.

    8 hours of running and work and the problem does not seem to occur.

    I will report if this one solves the issue.

  • Hi. I am having the same problem on my G14. Did you find a solution for it?

  • Hi, I'm afraid I was only able to delay the symptoms.

    I've installed the latest driver from AMD but still the problem occurs.

    The difference is, that it takes longer to appear.

  • Thank you. Actually my issue is different from yours. My laptop only stuttering accompanied with audio buzzing for like 1~2 seconds then everything becomes normal which doesn't require reboot.

  • Well for anyone trying to find a workaround the only one I found is forcing the external GPU to do heavy lifting instead of the integrated one. You have change it in Windows. You can get there by Nvidia Control Panel.

    There will be a notification saying that the GPU is managed by the System and there will be a link to the settings where You can force Nvidia GPU instead of the AMD one.

    I used this setting on my Opera GX and the problem does not appear anymore.

    Strange thing is that I've tried to use my Integrated AMD GPU after a whole day on the NVIDIA one an the problem did not appear. I tried running Chrome on the integrated GPU while running Opera GX on the Nvidia GPU. Neither had any problems play video/audio combinations.

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