HD Voice calling - AMR-WB and EVS on ZenFone 8

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I bought a ZenFone 8 a few days ago and noticed that the call quality was very poor. I think it is because there is no HD Voice calling AMR-WB (Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband) and EVS (Enhanced Voice Services) codecs are missing and do not work in 3g. Are there any plans to add them to fix the issue? What is the expected timeline?


  • That is great news! Thank you very much for your answer, it means that I don't have to return my phone.

  • Hi @Kris_ASUS ,

    This is fantastic.

    When you say in Europe does that mean that it will be implemented across all carriers in Europe or only for some specific ones (like it is for VoLTE)?

    Thank you

  • Just thinking loud but It may be tested on EU fw version. Am I right? :)

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    Can anyone confirm HD Voice now works on 3G networks on latest firmware?

  • It still does not work. The latest firmware made call quality even worse.

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    That's a pity :( My 4 year old S9 has this from the very beginning.

    Cheapest Xiaomis have it.


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