dt2w after hanging up

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Just wondering if it is a bug or a feature. Each time I end a phone call I cant use double tap to wake the screen or the fingerprint unlock which I have enabled in the settings when screen off. I have to press On/Off button to wake the screen up again. Anyone experienced this as well?


  • I have tried to reproduce it , but not been able to.

    This is what I tried;

    Received phone call. Stayed on the line.

    Triggered the proximity on/off.

    Terimnated the call.

    Double tap to turn off screen worked.

    Received phoen call. Stayed on the line.

    Triggered the proximity on/off.

    Pressed powerkey to turn screen off - other side terminated the call.

    Double tap to wake screen. Worked.

    Made call. Stayed on the line.

    Terminate call from Zenfone 8.

    Double tap to turn screen off. Double tap to wake screen. Both worked.

  • Hello !

    So it happened again. I was on the call, switched to the loudspeaker, aftee few minutes switched the call back to the earpiece, I noticed screen was still on when on my ear, so I pressed the power button once to turn off the screen, stayed on call. Aftee we said goodbye I removed the phone from my ear to press end the call, but the screen didnt light up, I double pressed the screen-nothing, finger print didnt light up. In the meantime the other party hang up the call.. I was still trying to get in the phone with no luck. Only the power button works. Can you maybe recreatw this screnario?


  • Hi @davidok0608,

    We tried to recreate you scenario but we did not experience any issue with the double tap feature.

    Are you still experiencing this issue on the latest 51.103 firmware release last week?

  • Hello Irene,

    thanks for reaching out. I couldn't tell as I already sold my Zenfone 8 (Volte issues).

    but thanks anyway!


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