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My dead just black out and black screen, any solution? All center Asus was closed. Maybe some of you encounter same problem. Before it black out, the handphone hot on surface


  • This has happened on quite a number of phones thus far. Looking at ASUS's update lowering performance and seeing how the phone throttles on power use it seems the power IC simply cannot handle the new SD 888. I predicted this in my video already back then that phones would start dying much like the Rog2 after a year, but this seems to happen much faster than I anticipated. I don't know if ASUS has revised their logicboard design on newer models if not, we will soon have a ton of posts complaining about black screen issues.

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    Maybe Asus should thinking to return our money back.failure phone, for while i though it the best gaming for me everything smooth suddenly today it stupid happen

  • @Platini Can you share what you were doing when the phone shut down?

    Also, have you been able to boot it up since or is it completely unresponsive?

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    Playing game of avalon then charging it because battery around 30%. Then after few minute check on handphone it felt hot and screen black. Try to switch on it nothing is response.

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    @Gustav_ASUS do have any solution? It will be better because currently all Asus close at nearby.

  • @Platini Have you tried charging it now that it has cooled off again?

    If it's unresponsive there's not much that I can do to help - your best bet is to contact/visit a service center when they open tomorrow and let them take a look at your device.

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