Does 'Slow charging' save electricity ???

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I like the addition of these battery care options in Asus devices, so the other day, I decided to use the slow charging feature to preserve my battery in the long run. But I wonder, keeping the phone on charge for longer might waste more electricity than normally charging it at 18w. I understand that if it charges at 10w it saves some electricity. But then again, is charging at 10w saving more electricity than charging at 18w, in one full charging session ???


  • _jis__jis_ Level 5

    Slow charging will take longer, fast charging will take less time.

    One would think that energy consumption should be similar:

    Less current for a longer time ~ more current for a shorter time.

    But let's not forget the higher losses during fast charging, when some of the delivered energy is converted to heat. Therefore, I believe that fast charging will be less efficient.

  • Hi, the software automatically uses and charges battery, it helps battery efficiency. Charging a phone slow or fast there won't be a massive change in saving electricity.

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