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  1. Model Name: Zenfone 7 Pro
  2. Firmware Version: Last one
  3. Rooted or not: No
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Hi! I just switched from an asus zenfone 5z (snapdragon 845) to an asus zenfone 7 pro (snapdragon 865+) and the performance in games is very poor compared to 5z. I tested and the processor frequency never exceeds 2ghz. The frequency in games is as follows: core 0-3: 1.3-1.8ghz, core 4-6: 1.7ghz, core 7 1.6ghz. So the processor never stays at its maximum capacity. 5z was always at 2.8ghz, even at 70-80°, but zenfone 7 never exceeds 45-50 ° and still stays at low frequency. Also at the first antutu or geekbench test I was scared, because it took 500k antutu points and 500 single core points in the geekbench, extremely bad for what sd865+ can do. And when I actually sat with the phone in my hand next to the fan to cool it, it performed correctly (690k). I don't know if it's from the new android 11 update, but it doesn't seem normal to me that at such a low temperature the processor becomes weaker than an 845. So it doesn't heat up and it still decreases its frequency extremely much. It is impossible not to reach these temperatures, it reaches 50 degrees when you open an application, so how can it underclock like that?

For a very short time it ran at normal frequencies. 3.1ghz on the last core and 2.4 on the 4-6 cores (60-80 fps) But then its frequency decreased again and the fps decreased a lot (20 fps)

The phone was put into performance mode.

I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance!


  • WoW with statts like the ones you have come up with why didn't you buy a gaming phone like the ROG series?

    I wouldn't hold my breath in getting a satisfactory reply from, you know who, but you have impressed me with your summary.

    I'm sorry I ever sold my old 5 Z now. It was a great phone,I should have kept it for my spare instead of the old Nokia Lumia 930

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    Thank you! I didn't buy rog phone because I really wanted to see what this flip camera is like, and besides, rog phone 3 is identical to zenfone 7 pro as a processor, however that was before I found out that zenfone 7 pro doesn't have dts: x, has no equalizer at all, the sound is terrible. I compare it to 5z and I can't believe what nonsense they could have done, on the sound side. It has almost no bass, the sound is very weak and when I connect it to the bluetooth speaker the difference is huge between 5z and 7. And now this problem has appeared, to get worse performance than an sd855 because it is limited to 1.8ghz when you want to put it at work. I only had asus phones, and I was happy with everything, especially the 5z, but this time, I'm disappointed. I hope someone from asus answers me and solves this problem in the next update because it is clear that it is not normal to limit the processor like that.

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    Yeah, I can replicate this, when the phone is cool the 3.1ghz prime core clocks to the max freq easily in minecraft, then after some time when the temps rise it throttles down to around 800-1800 and stays there, thus, lower fps.

    Not sure how it was behaving on earlier updates as I don't play games but that looks like basic thermal throttling so either it's expected behavior of 865+ under a cooling solution like zf7 has or there's something tuned wrong in the software if it was working better before. One way to see would be to downgrade to A10 and check.

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    I can confirm that this is happening. I'm playing Asphalt 9. With this update, I've noticed that as the phone warms up, the game starts to twitch a bit. It's because he's underclocking. This did not happen before. At that time, someone on the forum complained that his phone was very hot. That's probably how they tuned in by underclocking. It is a pity to underclock in this way. I never had a problem with overheating.

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    This is a significant issue that's being ignored as usual.

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    it's not ok at all, you practically can't use this phone in applications that require the processor. I also have a xiaomi mi 9 with snapdragon 855 and it runs much better in any game / long-term benchmark tests and mi 9 was 2 times cheaper than Zenfone 7 Pro. I really hope this will be solved

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    So I guess Asus went quiet and we won't receive any official response regarding this? Same thing with the notification issue, no updates after all the logs we sent.

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    this is the zenfone 7 pro in throttle test.

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    It's like as if you're expecting a response lol... These guys are a joke tbh.

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