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It was working in Rog 2, but when connecting mic to the aux splitter, I am not able to chat with the teammates in pubg mobile.

My setup is:

1 usb sound card, 1 aux cable, 1 aux splitter (3.5mm)

1.Aux splitter male goes into Rog phone 5 3.5mm jack,

2.Headphone with mic goes into one end of female jack of splitter,

3.Aux cable goes into another female jack of splitter and other end into usb sound card mic jack.

Everything is working fine and gameplay sound goes into PC, except I cannot chat with my teammates :(

Is this a compatibility issue? (As same setup was working with Rog phone 2 while streaming)


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    @Gustav_ASUS It's working when I connected another aux splitter.

    Funny thing is, this splitter was not working with Rog phone 2, that's why I had to bought the new one which is not working in Rog phone 5.


  • @KaranDKiller Same hardware setup (splitter, sound card..) that was used with your RoG Phone II, only difference is the phone?

    And you get in-game sound both to your headphones and your PC? Only issue is that your microphone is not recognized by the phone?

  • By the way, what's the intended use of your setup? Doesn't look like your ordinary streaming setup since you're only passing audio to your PC.

  • This one is cheap and best solution for streaming from phone.

    I am using scrcpy adb tool to mirror screen from phone to pc using USB cable and aux splitter to connect my gaming headphone (to listen and chat with teammates) and aux cable to stream gameplay audio to pc. (Tested and fully functional, but the headphone part is not working in Rog phone 5 as same setup was used in Rog phone 2)

  • Yes for both questions. Same setup for phone 2 and only mic not working in phone 5

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