Enabling VoLTE/WifiCall in Saudi Arabia

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Patiently waiting for enrolling an update to enable the VoLTE & WifiCall in SAUDI ARABIA. It's the largest phone's market for Asus in the Middle east with considering to the ROG series.

Most manufacturers such as "Samsung, xiaomi, sony, Oneplus ...etc" have supported these features out of the box. No need for waiting update.

Unfortunately, Asus don't be committed to support Wificall & VoLTE since the lunch of the ROG and Zenfone series. It's purely Asus' fault. All operators in Saudi Arabia are well-known Telecom companies and they set all regulations in order to be an access for any companies who interested to support these features in the country.

I have already reached the Asus's support team in middle east and they directed me to submit my request here.

Your consideration and support are highly appreciated.


  • Our phones are not officially distributed in Saudi Arabia, as such, local support will be very difficult.

  • My request is about enabling VoLTE and WifiCall. This issue can be solved via update from Asus. That's it.

    Regarding the local support, the Asus middle east which located in UAE, offers customer support in GCC Region, including Saudi Arabia.

    I hope you consider the request of enabling these features in upcoming update.


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