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In a now closed thread @Anders_ASUS said, and I quote  "We normally update every other month. If any major security risk has been discovered, then we will do our best to push the next security update as fast as possible"..... my Asus Zenfone 8 is still on 5th April security update and even with my basic maths that's 3 months tomorrow!!!!



  • some questions... is really hard implemet security update into android ? when devs update security patch, is need testing ? how long test it ? we dont need immediately fresh security patches, but at least 15-20 day in month would be ok ...

  • Security patches need a lot of testing yes.

    From my understanding , they can also break certain features and cause bugs on existing implementation, meaning they would need to be rewritten to work for the security update and generally that is what takes the most time.

  • @CH_ASUS

    That's bull fart!

    Samsung can release security update before Google did it.

    Their One UI is even more customized than zenfone 8.

    And now you told me it takes "time" to test it ?

    I think both of us know why cause security update delay.


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    Nowhere did I say just because it takes time that others cant do it faster than Asus has.

    edited for clarity on phrasing.

  • Except, Google, Samsung, Oppo, Oneplus etc etc..........

  • As said, it takes time - but it does not mean others can't do it faster than ASUS has.

    The next update is around the corner.

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    And so it should be, my Google Pixel 4a has just received the July security update, my Asus Zenfone 8 is still on April's security do the maths? Asus are quick enough to market the Asus Zenfone 8 as a flagship phone, with that comes the responsibility to issue timely updates

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    I don't think It's lousy as such. We do not know the work load of the devs there and the projects they might be working on. Maybe not well managed or maybe not enough resource allocation.

    But saying so releasing security updates might be possible to be done faster given that custom rom devs ( been using custom roms for years now ) are able to push monthly asb updates at a pretty fast pace which I'd guess merging / making changes to make things fit and building and testing. I don't think I've had any issue with most updates (albeit a few which generally gets fixed with a really quick subsequent update like in maybe hours or days) and I have seen a single maintainer/dev test and push updates for multiple devices. That said they don't have to work on developing new devices I guess but aren't most of them just doing this in their spare time.

    So maybe something can be done about pushing asb updates faster.

    Even the android 12 beta according to the website (www asus com/content/android-12-beta/) is still in beta 1 while the one out for pixel is 2.1 and most like beta 3 in a few days so yea. Maybe the smartphone division of asus is just small maybe idk.

    As for testing maybe get a build ready and have some kind of beta update path for people to test it where it can stay for a week maybe before being pushed to release. There might be people out there willing to run beta software on their daily drivers who mostly keep backup in case things go wrong and wont mind resetting the phone once in a while.

    As a side note (might be unrelated to this thread) maybe having a recovery have more functionality like twrp like mtp and being able to enter password to decrypt the encrypted partition and so on. Yea something to make it fun to play around with I guess.

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    How do you explain Samsung, Sony, OnePlus etc.

    I think Asus is a big global company. They definitely have money to hire enough good engineer. Yet they're doing such terrible jobs.

  • Asus the company as a whole is big but the mobile division might not be so. And I'm not sure if the management goes through the community forums to look at the problems being faced and the customer feedback I might be wrong.

    But tbh it does seem bad for a very recently released flagship to be on a more than 2 month old while there are custom roms with june security patch (at the time of writing) for a 4 year old phone available and kept updated every month. If a group of people doing it in their free time are capable of providing really stable updates almost every month with very rare mishaps I do think a company like asus should be able to provide the updates should they focus on doing so.

  • Why is my comment disappeared? ☹️

    Anyway, Asus need to release security update quicker.

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    Not sure ... I did see your previous comment before the one I made previously but it's gone now. Strange .... Do mods remove comments ?

  • I have even received updates for July 2021 on my old Samsung S10e. How can it be that Asus, that appears to be running a more vanilla Android than Samsung, still is not able to provide security more often than every quarter for one of their newly released flagship phones...?

  • Project treble was all about security updates to be non dependant on oem's bulls#it updates and lazy development. Asus may not have heard of it... Also not heard of overheating and battery drain, making the phone usable for leveling a table in a restaurant... Or not - too thick for that.

  • In new fw .83 is updated security patch to 2021-05-05. Is this JOKE ?

  • At least the security patches are applied and we are progressing. I appreciate the effort, and I hope that the next security patches are around the corne.

  • A very sad joke, indeed...

    At least it seems that they have worked on the "thermals" :)

  • Btw you can't compare Pixel's release schedule to any other brand, it will always be somehow faster because it doesn't need to be "reworked" for the custom roms. And ZenUI has lot of customizations, they just work under the hood and are less "sparkly" than others.

  • Have you heard of project treble.? I come from xiaomi and Sony, as my latest devices and have always been with the latest security update, which has nothing to do with ui customisations.

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