Right side air trigger works when the back pannel is touched

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Someone please help me with this issue. I have purchased Rog 3 last month. When I try to use the air trigger, the right side air trigger works automatically when the back pannel is touched.. it's kind of annoying when playing Battle ground and other games. Please help me with this. I have checked for the latest version for android 10 but still problem remains unchanged.


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    see my thread here... The Asus service center had to replace my phone's back panel.. it's a bugger that they won't allow you to have a new unit just because the warranty for replacement has lapsed, despite it being a factory defect

  • Hi ZT-eec5b1f3,

    You can find the service center list here:

    Due to the lockdown, service centers may not be functional. Kindly call the service center before you visit one.


    Also, please PM me the RMA no

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