Making an Easy Way to Uninstall Updates

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Like in Windows, some Software updates from ZenFone bring pretty major bugs that sometimes leave some features of our phones completely instable or not working at all. When this happens with Windows, usually they provide a list of the latest updates we've done and allow us to uninstall any of them with just a click while we wait for an update that solves those major issues.

I would like to suggest a similar feature on ZenFone instead of we having to download it and go through a complex process that then we need to reboot it to boot loader and all those additional steps could be easier if there was just a list of the latest updates with an option of going back to the latest software versions where these issues were not making a trouble on our phones while ASUS tries to fix them in a next software version.

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    Have you ever seen such features in Android phones? I guess no. Probably, this is impossible.

  • Reading about the virtual a/b implementation where it states "Virtual A/B updates can be rolled back." I do think this might be possible given that it uses snapshots ( i guess like how virtual machines use snapshots) so I guess It just has to be coded in to use this functionality. I'm not sure how many snapshots this implementation allows and so on but is it a possibility to roll back atleast one I do think so at least according the the "Overview of Virtual A/B" page. And asus zenfone 8 might already be using the virtual ab mechanism.

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