Weather widget content doesn't refresh automatically

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Is there any way to set weather widget to refresh it's content on home screen automatically?

I have set refresh to 2 hours interval but there is no effect. Every time when I want to have fresh weather on home screen I need to open it and perform manual refresh.



  • Any ideas how to fix it? Maybe it should be fixed in some FW udpate? I've turned off battery optimizer for Weather app but still without effect - need to perform refresh manually every time I want to have fresh weather forecast.

  • GermansGermans Level 2

    For my foreca weather widget I kept battery optimisation on but disabled Background app management to get it refreshed automatically.

  • Have you allowed all location permission and set it to "All the time"?

    If not, it is not allowed to check location and update in the background except when it is being actively used.

  • It's weird because I have set up location manually - only one fixed city and I'm not using GPS all the time so I didn't expect that it would be needed to allow to access location all the time.

    I've done as you suggested and it's working now. Thanks ;)

    But still little unclear why it needs access to location even if it's set up manually.

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