Clarification Needed on the 4 Microphones

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Just wanted to get a clarity on the 4 microphone holes in the phone. Can you please tell me which microphone is used during a normal call made by carrier and other social media apps like Whatsapp, Messenger,Zoom,Google Duo! Am asking this because i have noticed that when on a normal call sometimes the little finger blocks the bottom microphone situated beside the Usb-C charging port and this is where the other person can't hear us.

If this is the only microphone utilised for calls, then the other 3 microphone are active in what circumstances?

Also, if your answer is that only the bottom microphone is used for calls, can we implement another microphone for calls as at times the little finger blocks it.

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  • @Gustav_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS any updates on this would be highly appreciated.

  • As far as i understand the bottom microphone is being used for actual audio while the other 3 are being used for noise cancellation.

  • Hi Reaperzwolf,

    Ideally it is mostly used by Software to get the best experience.

    Still, I will let you know the exact working. I will get back to you on this.

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    @Reaperzwolf Here we go!

    For the ROG Phone 5, this is how the microphones are ordered:

    Mic 1: Bottom side

    Mic 2: Top side

    Mic 3: Right side (near power button)

    Mic 4: back side (near the flashlight)

    • In handset mode calls mic 1 is the primary microphone for speech, and mic 2 is used for noise cancellation. (If mic 1 is covered by your finger, the primary mic will switch over to mic 2 and mic 1 is used for NC.)

    • In speakerphone mode, mic 1 is used for both speech and noise cancellation. We make use of a new AI algorithm for noise cancellation that makes it possible for one microphone to distinguish between speech and noise.

    • In landscape game communication such as team voice chat, we use mic 3 only. It’s similar to speakerphone mode, but mic 3 is used instead of mic 1 to avoid any interference from your hands or fingers.

    • When recording video, we use all four microphones. Mic 1 and mic 2 will be the primary signal for right and left channels. Mic 3 and mic 4 are used for the reference signal for 3D, audio focus and wind noise cancellation.
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