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i would be very interested in undervolting my Zenbook UX325EA-AH037T Gen 11th i7, understanding that it involves some risks, i feel we should be in charge of this important aspect of managing our PCs if we want to.

Now due to the limitations from Intel and Asus side of things, we cannot under volt, where there are clear advantages in terms of performance for Gen 10 and Gen 11 processors which are so reliant on thermal performance.

I have put a request to Asus and Intel for this, maybe if more of us contact Asus they might do something.

I would add that this would be for power users, the normal average user probably doesn't even know you can undervolt a CPU and thus would still use the laptop as normal.

You can use the link from Asus' account members area for an enquiry, intel can be reached by their twitter support or chat if you just look up "contact intel support chat".

many thanks


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