Should I upgrade from a 7 to the 8

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I use a zenfone 7 and was going to upgrade to the ZenFone 8 as soon as it hit the market but I kept reading posts about bugs so I haven't,yet .

I would love to hear from zenfone 8 users regarding the forementiomed bugs ? Have Asus tweeked it to a decent level yet or is it still a work in progress?

If it does still have bugs, and let's face it what phone is ever totally bug free,are they such that you would say,,steer clear,, or is it at a decent level yet? The one I would purchase is the Mini in fact that , the android 11 from the start and the 888 chip set is what is drawing me to the phone,plus I don't like to hang on to my phones for more than 6 to 12 months or they lose to much value.

Thanks I'm advance for your advice.


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    I don't think You need to upgrade from 7 to 8 at all

    only if you really want and need compact phone with OIS in camera and headphone jack , then go for Zenfone 8

    The zenfone 7 has best in class hardware.

    Having said that, for Zenfone 8

    All the bugs will settle down and get fixed for zenfone 8 with time as Asus developer do resolve them during the course of time with my experience with Zenfone 5, Zenfone 2 and Zenfone 5z.

    But there software fixes and updates do take a long time for release

  • I hear you brother, I do love my zenfone 7 which is why I am asking you guys for advice. I'll take it onboard. Thanks for your help

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    Had I got an option to buy zenfone 7 series even now in India I would have bought it.

    The only important thing that could stop me is the lack of headphone jack in 7 series.

    For me headphone jack is like way to important.

    People might not agree but with headphone you don't need to have TWS to charge everyday

    it consumes way to less battery(Almost nothing) compared to TWS heaphones

    also you can listen to audio and charge at the same time.

    Plus the main thing is the Audio Quality is way to polished and outstanding and TWS/wireless heaphones till date haven't been able to match it.

  • It is a great phone I never really use headphones so that doesn't really matter for me. The z 7 still has some bugs but so do all phones, but they seem to be addressing the issues be it slowly.

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