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I'm looking to upgrade from 8GB to add another 8GB ram = total 16GB

I did a component search of laptop which states Samsung DDR4 2400 ram module with part number: M471A1K43CB1-CRC

This is available on Amazon but where I am located they charge approx $30 one off delivery.

I have found Samsung DDR4 2400 ram module at another supplier with part number M471A1K43BB1-CRC , there is a difference of 'BB1' instead of 'CB1'

I have found a reply on a message board that says these are exact same module, the part number is slightly different due to manufacturing location but module is the same.

Can anyone provide any info or advise if these are the exact same module?



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    It may be as the seller said due to manufacturing location but module is the same.

    But I might suggest to confirm with other sellers whether the statement is the same.

    The following is the test list, also for your reference.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for reply with information. My local supplier contacted me again and they have exact part number of module at another branch depot, being delivered at this time.

    Another representative of the supplier contacted me and stated to keep with exact same part number. Suggested the modules are very similar but 'CB1' is newer manufactured version module which Samsung still offer ongoing support. The 'BB1' being older version which is stated as EOL (End of Life) with no ongoing support.


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