Zenbook Duo UX481 - Cursor jumps to Second Screen when touching Screenpad+

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Detailed description:I don't know if this is an error or I got something wrong.

When touching something on the Screenpad+ my cursor will jump where I touched. F.e. If I'm using Photoshop on my main screen with the Control Panel on the second screen and I want to adjust the brushsize, I will not see the actual brushsize, because my cursor is not in Photoshop anymore. After adjusting something in Control Panel I have to move my mouse back up on my main screen, which is kinda the longer way then just using Photoshops menu and I really can't see why you would use the control panel.

Every tutorial or Marketing video I saw before getting the laptop showed that you can use your second screen without loosing mouse focus of your mainscreen app. I saw a review where they specifically mentioned that this is a specific feature.

Anyone any idea if this is a Windows-setting or just a misunderstanding? Because I've tried different options and settings but the result stays the same.

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  • I have been having this issue too and it's super annoying - I raised it as an issue previously but I got the usual "we don't want to make your experience any better since you already gave us money" type response.

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    That's exactly how Windows works and how it should work when you have more than one screen. When you either mover your cursor (or your finger on a touch screen) to another screen, the computer's attention is now on that screen. It's a basic function of Windows and it has always worked that way.

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