6Z camera freezes when flipping and lining on output

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My camera started freezing about 2 months ago, which i noticed using snapchat. I have had this phone for almost 2 years now and everything has been running smooth until then. The phone has been under normal use and dropping the phone was not the cause. The amount of flips has definitely not reached over 200k yet. Running newest update of android 10.

When i flip the camera to the front facing position or back, the video output on the screen freezes for 1-3 seconds before it all goes normal again. This is on top of the delay it usually has when flipping. This mostly happens when the camera has been off for a while, and goes away after flipping front to back a couple of times. It is slowly getting worse as time passes.

This problem happens on any app that uses the camera. Stock camera app, snapchat, instagram etc.

I have tried clearing app cache, reinstalling apps, restarting the phone, but the problem wont change.

I also noticed around the same time, that sometimes there appears lines/glitching on the video output when i shake the phone or camera module itself. This happens rarely and usually clears after letting the phone stay off for a while. And no, it does not happen if i for example record a long video or use the camera for a long time, its totally random.

So would this be a mechanical problem or a software error? I think that for a software error, it would be weird that this lining on the video output only occurs sometimes and the camera flip freeze goes away after a while.

This is also the only noticeable problem on the phone so far other than a slightly reduced battery capacity (which is expected).

I try to keep dust and metal particles away from the mechanism and make sure it flips smoothly.



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