Asus ZenFone 7 can't stream audio to USB-BT500 under Windows 10 (non-ASUS desktop PC)

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This is actually multiple products I'm seeking support with:

The phone:

  • Asus ZenFone 7
  • Build Number: RKQ1.200710. for now (I'm not sure which is the firmware version from the options)
  • Android 11
  • Not rooted

The PC:

  • This is a custom built PC based of a gamer PC configuration.
  • Windows 10 build: 19042.1052 for now
  • ASUS USB-BT500

I have installed the drivers provided on the ASUS web page (v1.0.0.1004—released in 2020), however it reporting version 1.6.1015.3009—released 2019. It is presenting it as ASUS USB-BT500 in device manager, so that is correct, but due to the higher version number, it refuses to update it to the one I've downloaded.

Trying to connect with the phone, it tries to connect for a while then shows it connected (not transferring anything though) then disconnects. At this moment, when I try to connect, the phone tells me to restart the device, but not sure which one it means. I'm in the middle of something on both devices, so I'm not doing that ATM.

This issue is an ongoing, and I had this since I've upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I used USB-BT400 before, but that is not active. I also had to reinstall Windows 10, because… reasons. Searching online is fruitless, and Microsoft support is useless regarding this issue. In hope that the two devices are ASUS devices, seeking out help here is more meaningful. Can you help me resolve this?

In addition, I can use bluetooth speakers.

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