Android 11 Update For ROG 2.

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog Phone 2
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): OS updates.

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


its been already a year since android 11 release. Now android 12 beta has started.

you people keep saying under evaluation but for how long? till support period is over and then you say 'sorry support ended'?. for how long shoud we wait? All other phones get 2 major OS updates even budget and midrange phones.We paid a premium for ROG 2 and there is no update at all. No volte for major carriers like Vi. No black crush fix nothing. Asus 6z and ROG 2 released same year, Asus 6z got android 11 long back which was a surprise. Then moved on to zenfone 7 and ROG 3. How can you skip Rog 2? it has to be ROG 2 after 6z right? and ROG 2 is even costlier then Asus 6z at the time of launch. If you do like this surely majority of the ASUS customers will move to another brand next time.Thats for sure. Because you guys doing like this even i changed my mind to move to another brand. Tell us whether ROG 2 users will get ANDROID 11 or not.. tell it soon so that we will decide whether to sell the phone and move to another brand.


  • There won’t be an Android 11 update for ROG 2. ROG 5 is the only reason Asus doesn’t announce it. They don’t want to hurt ROG 5’s reputation as they charge nearly 1000 USD for these phones and nobody wants to buy a 1000 USD phone with only 1 major Android update support. That’s why Asus keeping silent about ROG 2 Android 11 update. They’ll announce it maybe end of this year. That’s how Asus works. They are sneaky.

  • VampVamp Level 3

    "Asus" works by saying stuff like "Android 11 is under evaluation but no ETA" so whenever your device crosses 2 year from the day of release, no more updates policy applies no more android 11 and it will be announced in some random thread that "device is out of update policy so it won't be updating further".

    Not by secretly releasing android 11, 4 months past it's 2 year "old" age

  • I am pretty sure they have their hands full right now with the Rog3 A11 version and the 2 messes of a phones which are Rog5 and Zf8 right now. They literally cannot start another project right now, I wouldn't expect an answer before the Rog3 A11 stable release.

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    Android 11 for Rog 2 is a tricky question right now to be honest

    1. Asus doesn't have a set policy for Rog phones the only benchmark you have is Rog 1 but considering it as an first gen product can't really say anything based on that device's support period

    Rog 1 got 1 android os version (Oreo to Pie) it was supposed to forever stay on Oreo at one point tho (many tech websites covered that) but somehow got pie but pretty late then Asus pushed a new zen ui version (zen ui 6) it's pie update was based on Zen ui 5

    Security updates wise it got them from 2018 to last one being somewhere around May-June in 2020 (so 2yrs)

    Fast forward to Rog 2 so far they haven't said anything about Rog phone support cycle and R2 A11 but patches/bug fixes have been on with one being around every 2 or 2 1/2 months

    The following are plausible:

    1. It does get A11 beta right after Rog 3 gets android 11 stable

    2. R2 only gets newer Zen ui 7 version as R1

    3. Only security patches from this point onwards

    And comparing with other gaming phones for better or worse Rog fares much better

    For example red magic 3/s (2019 launched alongside R2) got it's last update in June 2020 (just a patch as seen on their firmware website) meanwhile Rog 2's latest one being in May 2021

    So yeah it's all wait and watch at this point

  • Rog 2 will only get security patch and bug fixes for coming few more months and they are done with ROG 2.

    There will not be Android 11 nor Zenui 7.

  • After 3 months

    ROG2 will be completed his 2 Years

    In India

    So There will be No Further Updates

    According to Updates policy

    Just Forget it

    That's the First And Last Phone

    Of Asus in my life

    It teach me a lesson

    Never go for Specs Numbers 😂

    Just Remember that

    No doubt Asus Gives good numbers

    But they have no software optimization as compared to Oneplus or other brands in this segment

    It's been almost 2 years using this phone

    I know how good or bad it is

    After these years i came to know that

    It was a mistake

    I should go for Oneplus 7t

  • True, but... Will there be a “next” though? There’s a possibility that we may not get a fix for mic problems.

  • Fix for mic problems is already in works. They are studying numerous logs to crack the issue this will definetly be pushed with next FOTA. So dont worry it is coming as a bug fix update, but again there is no ETA. You just need to wait for fix. mostly they can fix it with next security patch.


  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    I don't think you would've been satisfied with the 7t either as it's android 11 update was amongst the most broken ones, they just updated it to A11 for the sake for it without proper testing even OnePlus 8/9 series are in a perilous state on oxygen os 11

    Just too many complains and op had to stop android 11 rollout twice due to major bugs (their every social media post and community forums has a lot of dissatisfied users)

    Op just has a lot of devices now and they obv can't handle it

  • Well u guys are looking for A11 and mbstill wondering if they fix A10 bugs .. as if now everyone is getting shutdown problem same as me I downgraded several time to A9 A10 but now I'm on A9 and there no shutdown issue in my R2 anymore.. some calling it hardware problem but for me if it was hardware issue why R2 didnt shutdown on A9 hope they will get my msg and take a note

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Shut down issues - go to Service Centre. I don't get the issue on A10, so it's definately not software. Likewise, on Telegram, people have been told to go to Service Centre too.

  • It's out of warranty nd it will cost alot if they asked to chage hw

  • I'm seeing a lot of speculation in this thread (and similar ones) so I'll issue a quick reminder on the subject and close this thread to avoid potential confusion for users finding this discussion.

    Please remember that any and all information regarding software updates for our devices that doesn't originate from verified ASUS representatives or channels should not be taken as fact. Always check your sources and take stuff you hear from others with a grain of salt unless verified by us.

    Happy friday! 🤗

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