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I have purchased a Zenfone 8, 256/16 model version. 

When hearing music at high volume with the Internal stereo speakers on every kind of app (YouTube, Internal music player, VLC, etc.) the music/sound starts going up and down with no reason at random intervals: it literally fluctuates. Trying to enjoy some music is impossible. I've tried to contact support but they just asked me regular stuff. Their conclusion? " Here's your RMA module, we need to repair your smartphone " 

I find it really odd, i am pretty sure this is not a hardware-related problem. Why? Because I've switched smartphone and the previous one has the same audio-related problem. I'm coming from a 3 months old Google Pixel 5 running on android 11.

All the people i know are noticing my issue. I have also other android devices equipped with stereo speakers: these devices are on previous android versions and they all sound perfect when listening to music. 

Note: I've tried everything with zero success. Notifications' sound and bluetooth are always turned off. It's not an app-related problem : I've tried to play music from a clean factory-reset device with no google account connected and zero apps. Result? No success.

Another note: i have not tried playing music on an external bluetooth stereo speaker. I don't have that kind of item and i have no intention to purchase it at the moment.

I just want to know if you have my same problem or if you have any kind of suggestion.

I think this is just a heavy bug related to android 11 or... well, I could just be the unluckiest smartphone user in the world, buying two new smartphones with the same identical problem: it's almost like winning the lottery. 😂

Thank you.  



  • shazadzshazadz Level 1

    I reported the same issue few weeks back,i have realised if you use the audio wizard equalizer and kinda make a you shape pattern it kinda solves the issue for most content using speakers

  • KlesharKleshar Level 2

    Ouch. That's exactly what I expected: it's a critical bug of Android 11.Hope Asus will fix it very soon. Can i see your audio wizard configuration? you can attach some screenshots. Thank you in advance.

  • KlesharKleshar Level 2
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    Ouch . That's exactly what I expected, it is a critical bug of Android 11. Hope Asus will fix it very soon . Can i see your audio wizard configuration ? you could attach some screenshots . Thank you in advance .

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
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    Can you help clarify a bit more what you are hearing?

    Yes, I know your description covers a very wide range - and that's surely your case but for debugging it is much easier if we align same parameters - as we are not specifically aware of this issue happening "per default for everyone".

    As to align debugging. For example;

    1. Youtube app > play which video (link?)
    2. You are observing the volume of speakers fluctuating. Between how much? Are you meaning small changes, but audible, or distinct changes?
    3. Do you see the volume bar move as well, matching this change? (without physical input from you).
    4. When referring to 'high volume' - how high is it? THe volume bar has 30 steps for example.
    5. Is outdoor mode enabled - and does it only happen trhen in the "outdoor mode" range?
    6. You mentioned you experienced this on another non ASUS-device. Do you mean you get this issue also on Pixel 5 with Android 11?

    Thank you

  • From what I remember, the issue reported was relating to "Outdoor Mode".

    Are you having the same issue also without outdoor mode, across any random volume range?

  • KlesharKleshar Level 2

    Hello and thank you for your answer.

    Volume goes up and down (something like hiccups) while listening to music. It's very annoying. Imagine listening to your radio and slightly rotating the volume wheel at random intervals.

    0) I'm talking about the problem without outdoor mode activated. It is normal mode. Pixel 5 has no outdoor mode and the same volume-related problem.

    1) That's not a problem related to YouTube or a single video. It happens with all music media.

    2) distinct and very audible fluctuations. The sound goes up and down abruptly all the time.

    3) No change from volume bar.

    4) Problem occurs when playing music at highest volume. Also occurs when playing some music between step 24 and 30.

    5) No outdoor mode enabled.

    6) Yes, this same problem exists on Pixel 5 running android 11

  • shazadzshazadz Level 1

    Try these settings see if it helps and yes i reported the problem happening with outdoor mode as that's what i tried to use when i first got the device but since then i have turned off outdoor mode and realised the speaker's have

    the same issue

  • KlesharKleshar Level 2

    Thank you very much for your help. Unfortunately i have Tried that pattern and it has not solved the problem. Let's hope Asus will patch this mess of android build: shame to google.

  • Same in my case. Outdoor mode is unusable, music volume fluctuases constantly around 1s frequancy.

  • shazadzshazadz Level 1

    Yes speakers are a big let down after all the hype surrounding them,im thinking of returning mine which is a shame as i really liked the form factor and feel in hand but the really poor battery life and random heating issues and this speaker problem is kinda hard to live with

  • KlesharKleshar Level 2

    Guess how much disappointed I am: switching from a phone with a speakers' problem just to find the same problem on a brand new 800€ smartphone 😅

  • dokhieldokhiel Level 1

    The same problem happens to me, it is really annoying, and it happens with or without the external mood, please solve the problem as soon as possible

  • I've never noticed this fluctuation myself. Is it possible for you to record it with another device maybe? And if you have the possibility to put a phone with a dB meter app running next to it while running a constant test tone from youtube, that would be great too.

  • It does not show when you play one constant tune. But when you play music, it fluctuates like crazy in outdoor mode. Normal mode it is not loud enough to destingush, if it happening. That is another issue, step from normal to 1st. boost is to big.

    It would be great, if someone records with proper equipement. I am not professional musician, but i can clearly hear fluctuations.

  • KlesharKleshar Level 2

    i wanted to link here a video I've posted as "unlisted" on my YouTube channel about the fluctuation's problem (I've tried to record it) but your forum gives me the following message: " You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links."

    Here's the modified link about the video, remove the space after the dot:

    youtu. be/HmI8POdTQGY

    This is all I could record. I couldn't use professional equipment: i had to use 2 other smartphones. One to calculate DBs (not an accurate tool) and one to record video and audio. You can clearly hear from the video the song's audio having clear fluctuations but it is way worse if listened live: I've recorded everything with a smartphone, not with professional equipment so this is not 100% accurate.

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
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    With outdoor mode enabled - we can reproduce it.

    I'm a bit unsure about "normal high volume" however, which some are reporting here.

    We're addressing the 'Outdoor mode' part at least and we'll keep testing the normal high volume, when outdoor mode is off.

  • KlesharKleshar Level 2

    i can 100% confirm that i always have this problem with no outdoor mode activated. Same problem for the pixel 5,as i have already written before.

  • I think this should get tuned and tweaked by Asus dev for the time being

    And Google should be made aware of this bug

    and work to fix in upcoming Android 12

  • shazadzshazadz Level 1

    I think it's kinda fixed in android 12 beta on my pixel,sent my asus zenfone 8 back today for a refund but keeping an eye on here if issues like overheating,battery drain,speaker fluctuations etc get sorted in near future then may give it another shot, keep reporting problems and hopefully Asus can sort them out. Regards

  • It is also noticable when listening to Spotify via android auto.

    It's working just fine on my LG G7. I'm very disappointed.

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