Just purchased-- why "Out of Warranty"?

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Just purchased a C101PA, new in sealed box. It arrived 6/22/21

#1 - I am following all directions to register for my 12 month warranty but my account reads that this just-bought, just-registered Chromebook is "out of warranty"

#2 - I need tech support because when I plug it in to charge it, the charging LED flashes green for a second and then goes dead and the Chromebook never charges. No online suggestions have helped.


  • Hello tree,

    1.Did you upload your invoice when you register the product so that our local team will review it and modify the warranty date according to the purchase date? If you did, it could take some time for the local team to proceed this process manually.

    2.Does disconnecting all cable from the Chromebook and long press the power button for 40 seconds works

    Thank you.

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    I think that you should update BIOS as it may cause your Chromebook not charging.

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