Rog 3 Internal Screen damage while playing game

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:ROG PHONE 3
  2. Firmware Version:Android 10
  3. Rooted or not:Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:Immediate

4 days ago my rog 3 started to fade out colour from the bottom while im playing genshin impact,,after i started noticing that i immediately force restart the phone and after restarting the whole screen went black..The day after i bring my phone to the nearest service centre and then leave it for further inspection. 1 day later the technician called me and said that my inner screen cracked and cant be covered by warranty,im very surprised to hear that as my phone never dropped even once before and i even used a bulky case ever since i bought it so i can guarantee the exterior phone is 100% smooth moreover i laid my rog phone on my gaming table 90% of the time as i only used it for gaming purposes so i really cant understand why asus ex flagship phone's screen would be so fragile that me and many others broke the screen without even knowing why..Anyways the technician charged me 220$ (almost half the phones price in indonesia) just to fix the problem that should be theirs and this is not my first time receiving a defect asus products unit , my previous rog strix hero iii laptop also has defects as the led light under flickering nonstop just after 4 months of use. I feel so stupid to give another chance to asus products even after that happened..So today i just received a mail that says they've repaired my phone and that i agreed to pay the service fee for 220$ (which i dont think i ever said that) what should i do now?? im so baffled by this situation any help would be appreciated..

p.s sorry for the long essay



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    any help ?? @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS

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    2 days in,,still no respond and not even a pm ,, i guess mods really dont care about their customers huh 😒

  • Because there is no way a mod can help you, and second thing we can't be sure you told the truth at 100%

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    theres no way a mod cant help,,there've been too many similar case like this here's a few pics of my exterior phone bfore sending it

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    and here's my laptop if any of u wanna see

    see that,even their 1600$ product cant escape from defectiveness,,i dont know if its asus quality control being dogshit or my luck is dogshit to receive defective products twice in a row from asus or maybe both 😂 maybe i should just evade asus brand from now on...

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    @luizz Sorry to hear about your display. We can't comment on individual service cases, but if you feel that you were wrongfully charged for repairs at the service center you should contact ASUS customer service.

  • To be fair that laptop you're showing could easily just be an EC issue that would be fixed with flashing the latest BIOS/EC combo. It seems like a very small issue, hell it might even be a loose cable from shipping, it happens. Most people would open their notebook and just reset the LED cable or flash newest BIOS/EC, I would hardly call that LED thing a defect unless it's an actual damage which I doubt a lot.

    As for the phone situation, as I explained before on another topic, the OLED in the Rog3 is a hardoled screen. You do not need to have any physical damage to break the screen at all, all you need is enough shock damage to it. I don't want to doubt you, maybe you're 100% not lying and telling the truth, but from my experience customers have a very strong tendency to leave out the fact they absolutely dropped their phones and don't want to admit it, hence generally I do not believe people who say they never dropped their phones when they have a cracked screen. As for protection, honestly speaking, it doesnt matter if your case is bulky or slim, if it doesnt offer any shock protection your screen isnt being protected, the Phone itself is a tank, it's extremely hard to break it in normal use, the only way you can break it is by shock damage, get a case that is specifically designed to absorb shock and that thing is not going to break. I have a soft thick wallet case and dropped my rog3 quite a lot, also down from stairs, still original parts and not a single dent or scratch.

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    nah i've got it checked in service centre and they also said it's a hardware defects and it needs to be replaced (definitely not something u can just flash bios etc),,so i waited a damn 3 weeks before i can take it back home and when it's finally over, the problem still occurs on the same day i bring it home,,i cant tell whether it was the technician that was incompetent or maybe they didn't fix my laptop at all.. U know that led thing was 1 of the main gimmicks of that laptop back then and bcz of that a lot of ppl including me bought it despite it being much more expensive than lots of laptop of the same specs,,so i ended up selling it for much cheaper and then bought a new msi laptop which doesnt have any problem unlike that shitty hero iii and apparently my other college friend that also had the hero iii also experienced the same with the product ( his laptop fans had scraping noise which is so damn loud and overheating issue ) just after 1/2 WEEKS of purchase and had his laptop repaired for a damn month or more which is funny his laptop spent more time in service centre than in his hands and even after repair when we compared the idle temp of our laptops in the same room his laptop was still 20-30 degrees higher than mine (imagine his rage lol) .. is it a coincidence that we both received a defective product?i think not!

    and for the phone i've decided to just pay the fees and get the out of this shithole called asus,,i have no problem paying for damage that myself caused but for paying for defective products faults twice in a row? fck u asus just fck u

    basically the worst aftersales experience (atleast in indonesia) i've experienced, i should've heed my fellow indonesians warnings before and now i kinda regret it and for u other indonesians that read this,,stay away from this brand asap and if you've bought it atleast stay away from the cikokol service centre one.. and have a good day yall ☺️

  • Hate to break it to you but I was right, it's an EC problem. Asus fixed it with the Version V2.2.3 of their LED firmware.

    At this point you're not complaining about ASUS's product quality but their awful service.

    Considering your text I'll remain very sceptical about the fact that you did "nothing to break the screen", the fact you "just pay" this easily usually indicates guilt and you know indeed did something.

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