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coming from Pixel 3 (from 2018) I had high expectation for the camera. In general, shooting still objects in well lit scenarios is OK however I noticed a few things that could be tweaked, software wise:

HDR - it works well however in many cases it creates various artifacts and the detail is lost

Dimmer condition - even with the regular indoor lighting it is impossible to capture a shot that is not blurry when it comes to a moving object. My Pixel 3 preserves better details (has a much smaller sensor and lower count of megapixels) however at the expense of a little bit more noise, which I don't mind.

Zero Shutter Lag - is it possible to introduce it in the camera SW? It will probably drain battery faster but it's very useful when capturing a moment

Selfies - in general, in well lit conditions they look good (again my Pixel 3 with 8MP with an archaic HW delivers more detailed pictures) however even with the slightest sign of a darker environment (usual indoors conditions) the quality degrades rapidly. In general I personally prefer detail with a little bit of noise rather than just a blurry face.

Selfies - is it possible to add a night mode?

It might be that some of this is because of the optics and then you can't do anything about it but somehow I feel that the HW is capable of much more and the computations photography is lagging behind on the SW side.

What are the future camera improvements you plan to introduce pls as I like the phone but I'm a little disappointed in the cameras.

Thank you


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    I can't complain in shutter lag, but in portrait mode you can press and hold the shutter, and it only fires when you release it.

    Image quality improvements are always welcome, so keep going please.

  • Everyone approaches camera quality differently and we'll keep improving our cameras.

  • Asus team,i like that you respond so quickly to our problems and suggestions,not many company does that.

    Is there any change to add astrophotography and live filters on camera? astro like pixels,live filters like motorola.

    Gcam is not good,stock firm is much better.

    So far my first Asus phone,and i love it.

  • Astrophotography as a feature you see on the Pixel camera is not something we will add - but we will see what can be done for future devices - at this point it is not in the pipeline. However with the camera's manual mode you are able to capture the night sky already - albeit requires a bit more manual post processing to get it all nice :)

    Live filters is something we can consider but at this point is not in the planning either


  • I would agree that astrophotography is not something needed on the Zenfone 8. My previous phone was a pixel 3 and I only ever used it as a gimmick.

    However one thing that I find quite annoying about the camera is that it seems to have problems to focus on objects that are a bit closer. Repositioning the phone (but keeping the distance) seems to make it focus properly but it is still annoying. Tapping to focus doesn't help. If I use the ported gcam, it focuses fine on the same distance. Is this something that you are looking at already? Can it be improved?

  • Turn off the skin smoothing on front camera.

  • It is better to have a camera app with basic functions and perfect quality. But one feature may be usefull - super resolution zoom (multi frame) - there is no tele lens.

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    Glad to hear that you intend to keep improving the camera. While it is true that everyone approaches the camera quality differently, I believe that nobody likes its camera app to shut down after two or three minutes of shooting 4k 60 fps, on account of becoming too hot. Basically this function of the camera is almost useless in its current state.

    I noticed that this happens more often when it is hot outside, and I suspect it has something to do with the phone`s rather weak cooling system, but regardless, this should not be happening on a flagship. A solution to this problem would be much appreciated, especially since the quality of the 4k 60 fps footage is rather excellent.

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    This "issue" has been reported on pretty much most 888 phones out there

    If I recall correctly oneplus 9 used to do the same and oneplus had to manually increase the thermal limit so the phone could record for longer duration at higher temps but under higher temps the phone still force closes the camera application though

    I can't certify this though it's just my conclusion based after reading stuff on tech portals and community groups

    But from what I understand oems have a thermal limit after which camera force closes and this has been reported mostly after snapdragon 865 and above probably a failsafe to prevent the devices from getting too hot

    Phone while recording (4k 60) does get pretty hot outside even on my 845 by the way

    And flagship socs with all it's powerful cpu, gpus and camera isps come at the cost of increased power consumption and higher thermals (referring to the comment above mine)

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    It is indeed an issue on most 888 phones, but not to such a serious extent. On the Zenfone 8 the 4k 60 feature is quite limited in normal conditions, say at room temperature, where I haven't been able to record more than 7 minutes. That, I don't mind that much. However, the 4k 60 is pretty much unusable outside in hot weather, where the camera shuts down after 3 minutes max. I guess it has something to do with the balance between power and thermals in such a small phone, which I can understand to a certain extent. But I hope a technical solution can be found to at least improve on the recording time before the camera shuts down. The quality of the 4k 60 footage itself is rather excellent, which seems like a waste and a shame if I cannot really record at that frame rate for a meaningful length of time.

  • That's really disappointing and Asus please kindly tune and fix this.

    This shouldn't be the case after spending a good amount of money.

    We love Asus

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