Will The Zenfone 8 Flip Work on TMobile?

sedl23sedl23 Level 2
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On Asus site it lists bands 2,4, and 12

Which are most of the bands that I have on my Zenfone 6 I'm currently using . I was able to buy it on sale on Newegg for $699. I should have it tomorrow. Just curious has anyone tried it on TMobile is it working for you?


  • sedl23sedl23 Level 2

    update on the phone....

    i got it yesterday it works fine on tmobile just as good as my zenfone 6. One thing to note however it doesnt have VOLTE on tmobile yet, my guess and hopefully it gets it when the Zenfone 8 is officially released in America since i remember hearing it would support volte for tmobile.

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    Even though the mbn existed it will not going to work since the 8 Flip not sold officially and so it's not certified for VoLTE and other stuff

    The option is to buy a new phone with different brand or new phone which sell here officially like for example in US it would be Zenfone 8 and Rog Phone 5.

    I hope Asus may change their mind to load the mbn again when 2g, 3g start to phase out even more in the next few years. If not I have to gave up Asus phone all together because of missing call feature.

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