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it appears that when browsing in Chrome the refresh rate switches to 90 Hz however when an alternative browser is installed (I tried Firefox and Microsoft Edge) the refresh rate remains at 60 Hz. I believe that the user experience would be much better if for ALL web browsers the refresh rate switched to 90/120 Hz in the auto/adaptive mode.

Thank you


  • @meso.erik I'll pass it on to the team, thanks! 🙂

  • Alex'sAlex's Level 2

    I find the automatic refresh rate option strange.

    It only regulates between 60hz and 90hz.  

    Why not regulate the hz from 1hz to 120hz automatically? Like OnePlus or Samsung do, for example? 

    That would increase the battery life.

  • You need to have a panel that support variable refresh rate like LTPO oleds. Iirc zenfone8 has E4 samsung panel.

  • Hello folks,

    Is there a list of apps available somewhere in the settings that users can edit in terms of which refresh rate is to be used for them in Auto mode or is it hard coded and can be changed by developers only?

    For example: - run in 120 hrz in Auto mode (can this be set manually by users)?

    Thank you

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