I'll never buy any asus products. I'm disappointed with Rog phone 3

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  • Well i will also never buy FERRARI becoz i am very disappointed that they charge so much money and this is called a reason why

    Come on, make some sense by giving a reason so maybe we can help coz sometimes people like my second led is not working so i wont rog but they dont think its an accessory light

  • C'mon watching any video is terrible. I don't want to say anything further.

  • BPMBPM Level 3

    Cool. Bye, Felicia.

  • Okay agreed , but if you have came so far than i advice you to wait for few weeks , asus is coming up with that fix and let me tell you its almost done

  • xSkittzxSkittz Level 1

    If you want just to watch any video / movies, then buy another brand. btw ROG Phone built for gamers.. just saying...

  • That's kind of a poor excuse for the issue. This phone does cost in the upper end of smartphones it should be able to everything with a emphasis with gaming.

  • Yes and no ,

    Still the pricing is very good compare to other brands like even almost half the price compare to samaung and apple

    But thats not a valid excuse , a mobile should be able to do everything with appropriate results if not the best

  • You're all are forgetting, this is a phone and it has a display which costs 50% of the price of phone. Why would I want a crappy display? And coming to gaming part, it has been marketed as a gaming phone, however it's still a phone which has a crappy display.

  • Hi jaykesharwani9,

    If you are not satisficed with the display

    Kindly visit the nearest service center:


  • BelieveBelieve me or not but these are my exact same words

  • Same here I wish I should had bought with a different brand, at least I could had saved some money from this so called half baked flag ship phone.

  • This is a balanced take that the mods need to see.

    Worst is the fact that they dodge the questions and give the same recommendation (visiting the service center) which isn't the solution for the display issue. I have tried voicing it once or twice. Same roundabout response or none at all.

  • I've learned to stay away from ASUS phones since Zenfone 2 and 3. I can live with the HW limitations but their ROM support is bad.

  • You guys must know that the resell value of Asus phones is pretty good compared to other brands, Apple included so when I buy a n Asus phone that disappoints I just sell it, take the$100/$150 hit and move on. I tried the ROG 3 for a while sold it and lost $100 approx and went back to the ZenFone series) Z7 . Haven't looked back since

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