Asus Tuf a15 (506II) Gpu fan (left fan) showing 0 rpm

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  1. System: Asus TUF a15 (506II)
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: ryzen 5 4th gen and gtx 1650ti
  4. Frequency of occurrence: frequent
  5. Reset OS: windows 10
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

I have been using the Asus tuf a15 for the past 1 year recently I have been noticing that in armoury crate the GPU fan section shows 0 rpm but I can feel the air coming out of the laptop, when I test it using my Asus app it sometimes shows there may be something wrong with your fan but most of the time it shows that the fan is working correctly

but the problem is that under heavy loads the fans won't speed up causing heating

what my be the reason for this problem is it a software issue or a hardware one



  • Hi there,

    May I know your BIOS version, Armoury Crate version and ASUS system control Interface driver version?

    Also, your GPU is under power saving mode, so it means that you are not using the GPU, then the GPU fan would not be running.

    Which mode did you set the device to ? and what game or program are you running when you took this screenshot?

    Thank you.

  • bios version is 316, armoury crate, everything is up to date I did all the windows updates and Asus updates.

    The GPU is in turbo mode and this happens for any game that I play when I took the screenshot I was playing Valorant, i saw someone in this forum with the same issue but their discussion was closed

  • Hi there,

    Then can you try to enter Nvidia control center to make sure that all your game is running on Nvidia card ?

    Thank you.

  • yes the game is running on the Nvidia card i can also see it in task manager

  • also i have noticed something odd which is that in armoury crate what is shown as the gpu fan speed is acutally the cpu fan speed and vice versa i know this because when armoury crate shows cpu fan speed is high the air is comming out of gpu exhaust ... my problem mentioned above still persists

  • this issue is very similar to mine but on a different Asus model , Currently i have completely reinstalled windows and upgraded to the new driver still the issue is not fixed for me

  • Hi there,

    The air flow is not the indicator of the issue. The air flow can be directed to exhaust from the same side.

    In all of your screenshot, the GPU is either not working or working in a very low loading,

    so it is normal that the GPU fan is not running under those 2 scenario.

    Do you have other concern or screenshot?

    Thank you.

  • recently it started showing such high rpm. is this some issue regarding the bios I am at the latest version 316. but this issue resolves quickly and will only shows up randomly

  • This video exactly shows the problem the fan speed violently fluctuates between 2800 rpm to 100 rpm ... This is not normal for any laptop.. but sometimes the fans work normally. I have tried everything to fix this.. next step is to go to the service center but due to covid i'm unable

  • Hi there,

    Have you tried to reinstall Armoury Crate?

    Thank you.

  • Yes, I have done that, after doing that I completely reinstalled windows too. still, this problem occurs...

    and the weird thing is that it will only happen sometimes and when it happens it will stay like this for 1 - 2 days then everything will be back to normal, This leads me to believe it's not a hardware issue,

    My Asus will also report errors but only sometimes and shows everything's okay other times

    also, even when the rpm says 0, If I do a fan test on my Asus app the fan will spin at maximum speed (but will not show on armoury crate)

    as of now when I'm typing this the fan is working alright... but can fail anytime

  • Hi there,

    Can you share full screenshot of Armoury Crate like before?

    We can not judge the situation only based on fan RPM.

    Each mode is having different minimum fan speed and setting.

    And I need to see CPU and GPU information as well.

    If you have concern about this, you can bring the device to our service center to check on fan hardware.

    Thank you.

  • This was recorded on turbo mode the temperature never went above 45℃,

    I'm planning to take the laptop to service center but due to current covid situation I'm unable

  • May I know if the strange RPM like 45800 or 10800 happen when you switch mode?

    or is when you have stay in turbo mode for a long time and the strange RPM just pop up from time to time.

    Also, does the fan also speed up when the RPM rise? or just the number jumping but fan stays the same.

    And does this issue happen only in Turbo mode?

    Thank you.

  • This issue will happen in every mode, When this occurs the fan will spin very slowly and won't increase its speed as needed, and sometimes the fan will speed up to the maximum rpm and suddenly switch off

    also sometimes it shows that the GPU fan is 0 rpm and will cause heating while gaming (but the fan is spinning very slowly)

    ** Very weird behaviour **

    But the strange thing is this behaviour will only show up randomly, currently, for the past 3 days there are no problems, the fan works as expected

    I even did a stress test and it works normally

    I will add a video of it currently working in the video you can see the CPU fan only reaches 5200 rpm max but when I bought it the max fan speed was 5500 rpm, also in the video you can see the GPU fan suddenly spikes in speed for a moment

    when it fails again ill be sure to capture it and post it here as a video

    Here are my armoury crate versions

  • Hi there,

    Thank you for the new video.

    However, the situation in this new video is somehow normal.

    The max fan speed of your device is not 5500 nor 5200 rpm.

    The fan speed will fluctuate according to the temperature and 2 fan continue to keep balance between each other then the dB would not rise and heat radiation stay effective.

    If you see the super high RPM like 45800 or 10800 again, please let me know.

    I have consulted more about your case.

  • Thank you for your time, When I have the problem again I will post the video here

  • Hey I have managed to record the problem for which I originally posted this,

    In this test I can 100% confirm that the GPU fan did spin at the maximum speed I can clearly feel the airflow

    and my Asus app did say there were no issues found, but armoury crate won't show any speed,

    and in real usage, if I play a game the fan won't actually speed up and this causes heating

  • @onishah2469 bro I haven't fixed the issue still, it happens sometimes and gets automatically fixed after some more time, this repeats over and over itself.

    I haven't taken it to the service center because I have college work to do so I cannot be without my laptop for few months and the covid situation here is bad.

    Since both of us have this issue on 2 different Asus TUF models, I'm optimistic that this is a software issue and not a hardware issue.

    @onishah2469 if you manage to fix this please let me know how you did it, you can reach me on Reddit if this chat gets closed Reddit id is alwinmathew4

  • Hello @onishah2469 ,

    Please kindly open another thread and share some video or screenshot if you can.

    Thank you.

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