zenfone 8 and Xbox one controller

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I've recently upgraded from my former phone to a zenfone8. I've been trying to get my Xbox one controller to work over Bluetooth. The phone will pair with it, but L2 and R2 buttons won't work on games (like fortnite and others).

I've used apps like "gamepad tester" from Elron. When I use the app and test this buttons they are recognised as "accelerator" and "brake". I've also updated my controller firmware to the latest version. The problem persists.

It seems that it is a software bug. Did anyone have have this problem and have a workaround? Thanks.


  • Hi, I have a similar experience now

  • Seems to be another Android 11 issue. This is also related to trouble with physical keyboards using other layouts than American English. That is for example, if everything is set to German layout and the keyboard definitely works fine with other devices using older android versions, in this case special german characters will not appear. Samsung and Motorola have workarounds (=updates) for solving this. Unfortunately this forum does not allow me to post a link. Search: forums lenovo moto-g 100 wrong external keboard layout

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