🛑 [GEFORCE NOW] 🛑 Issue & lag ❌with ROG PHONE 5📵‼️

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  • Firmware Version: 18.0840.2104.47:
  • Frequency of Occurrence: All the time
  • APP Name & APP Version : Geforce Now 5.38.30094874
  • Model Name: Asus rog phone 5 (no root)
  • I can't add links yet, so I'm going to upload them in files


If you are not aware, the phone has issues with the app GeForce Now. it makes everything lags, but competitive cloud services like Stadia & xCloud / GamePass works fine + other android devices doesn't have the problem either like ROG phone 3.

I have spoken with GFN support team and reported the problem. but I'm doubtful it will get fixed if the community doesn't speak out. So it's my mission to speak up and hopefully the problem can get fixed. So far NO ASUS HAS NOT ACKNOWLEDGED THIS PROBLEM.

I can't say if it's on ASUS side that needs to do the fixing or Nvidia. But I hope if this gets more attention.. that maybe their can speak together.


Here is what You can do to help! 🖐️

  • Report the problem inside the Geforce Now App (feedback) ✔️
  • Contact their support - ✔️
  • Give it 1 star and write Why in the review on google play. ✔️
  • Post & Response to post related to GFN ✔️
  • Post on Geforce reddit and other places that can reach ✔️

Thank you so much


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