ROG phone 5 died! pls help

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  1. Model Name:ASUS_I005DA
  2. Firmware Version: forgot to check
  3. Rooted or not: not
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My phone was 38% when I charged it and I left it to go shower. after finish I grab my phone and it is so hot and I press the power button to check if my phone is ok but no, no display I guess it automatically turn off if its too hot so it turn it back on the logo shows up and the rog animation shows to then the screen turn off again, no charging status. I also tried to charge in side port, nothing. tried to fast boot by pressing + volume and power it shows start and I press power then it boot up and again same thing rog animation shows and nothing didn't turn on. I try it again but now its not working, just nothing no charging status, cannot boot up, no led indicator, nothing just a dead rog phone, same to my rog 2.

pls I need helpsorry for my english.



  • @sumdud Did all this happen after coming out of the shower when the phone was still hot? My first advice would be to let the phone cool off for a bit and then try again. If the phone gets trapped in a boot loop, hold the power button and volume down button for ~10 seconds to force restart your device.

    Let me know how it goes.

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    @Gustav_ASUS should I do the force restart while plugged in? btw before I go shower my phone temp was fine no abnormal things happen both software and hardware.

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    @Gustav_ASUS As of now my phone is completely dead. I charge it at side port but no LED light, no display, no charging logo, nothing. I cannot perform force restart. maybe I let it charge for 1 hour??????

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    @Gustav_ASUS And I notice before it was completely dead when i tried to charge the phone it shows charging at 7% and suddenly change to 100% complete then turn off. so i tried to unplug and plug again same thing happens.

  • @sumdud Has the phone cooled off completely back to room temp? If so, leave it connected to the charger for an hour or so, then disconnect it and try to boot.

    If the phone shows no signs of life, please contact your nearest service center.

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    @Gustav_ASUS i tried. Only heats up the phone and no sign of life

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    @Gustav_ASUS any idea what cause of this problem?

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    @sumdud Try it like this. I saved a "dead" phone many times

    Hold down the volume up, then hold down the power button. while holding both buttons, connect the charger to the USB (bottom). Keep the buttons pressed for over a minute. Will not help! Repeat this several times.

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    @wojtekmarchewka ill try it. Thanks

  • I'd take it straight back to where you purchased it. It doesn't sound good and even if you can start it again the fact that it gets / got so hot , personally, I wouldn't want to keep the phone

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    @Gustav_ASUS thanks btw

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    Update: i sent it back to the store where i bought it and they said they will forward it to service center and i can claim it after 2 weeks. Im in macau btw

    If ever theres a hardware fault and need to replace it, will they gonna ask a charge for it? Its still under warranty though.

  • Hopefully if there is no water damage detected,they wont be charging

  • I'm not sure if warranty policies change from country to country or if they stay relatively the same or what, but usually if the hardware is faulty by design (aka there's no water damage and you didn't drop it), then you'll always have it fixed/exchanged, so long as it's under warranty.

    It's probably just a bad battery. They should either exchange the battery, or just give you a new phone. No worries! :D

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    service center told me that they replace the motherboard. No fees

  • Congratulations! Great to hear this. Hope that you are very much satisfied with the service Asus team gave you.

    I am sure if it would have been Samsung/Apple/Oneplus/Xiaomi they would have made stories to ensure that you shell out some hefty money.

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    Naah my personal experience with samsung is yet the best i have , never had a single trouble with after sale service , dont know about other brands

    And yea asus after service is really good , its just its slow becoz the size is small but service is pretty much as good as it can

  • Due to ASUS not having their own service centers and hiring 3rd party centers, the quality will vary based on region. Some will have good service, others will have horrible service.

    As for samsung, as long you pay good money they will service you decently. As reaperwolf was mentioning, it's not unusual for apple and samsung to scam the customers, but once again this will also vary depending on region, albeit not as heavily as ASUS.

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