How to enable 3 button navigation bar on Zenfone 8

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The 3 button navigation bar system app exists on Zenfone 8 since it is a standard Android 11 feature (see screenshot).

However, there seems to be no option in the settings to enable it. Could you please bring back that option in the next small update?


  • Foreign language but i think that's the option you are looking for

  • You can find it under Settings -> Display -> "System navigation" or something

  • Thanks a lot! That did the trick. I did not find it in the search because in German they wrote it as one single word "Systemnavigation" and I was searching for "navigation" and nothing was showing up. Also it seems to be in different places for different Android versions or maybe for different manufacturers. Not sure but on Google I found several different potential locations.

    Google for example says: "Go to System and then Gestures and then System navigation."

    Sadly as a new user I am not allowed to post the link to the Pixel support page about the topic.

    I wonder if this is something specific to Asus or the version of Android.

    Also do you know if there is a way to make the navigation bar a bit higher? The phone has so many vertical pixels but the bar is so tiny. Actually I never saw a phone where it was as tiny as here. I think it should have a height of at least 50% of the width of a human thumb. Let's say it should be as high as the chrome browser navigation bar or something like that. Like a keyboard button or so. When selecting it the user can choose the location of the back button. Maybe there the developers can add two more options with a higher bar or something like that.

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    The place where navigation method is placed can differ between OEMs.

    On a Pixel device it is placed under "System -> Gestures -> System navigation"

    On ZenUI , we have had it Settings -> Display -> System navigation" since many generations.

    The navigation bar is the size it should be on stock Android design, we didnt change that and there is no way to change the dimensions or placement of the navigation bar in ZenUI.

    Selecting the position of the back button is possible - you press the cogwheel next to the navigation bar method in its settings location.

    However, you could try to use the Android gesture navigation , if it is to your liking. I find that it is easier to swipe back/home etc with gestures in relation to thumb positions.

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