Cannot get 2.84 Ghz even with aero cooler xmode plus

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  1. Model Name: rog 5 16 256
  2. Firmware Version:. 49
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: all the time
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We really are not getting a stable.2.84 Ghz of clockespeed. As soon as you turn on the xmode plus. It goes down to 1.56. Ive seen a video in youtube "rog 5 preformance issue" and its more than a month already, is this a hardware issue? Or a software? If this is a software, when are going to have a fix on this one. This is serious. No other SD 888 phone, is having this issue.


  • If it's not under heavy load at that time why do you expect it should stay at 100% frequency?

  • Why would you not expect having the 100% frequency? You have already set it to xmode, in preperation for any heavy loads the phone will encounter, avoiding delays. Other SD 888 phone can lock it to 100%, rog 3 seems to lock it. Why cant rog 5 do it?

    You may not be able to notice it if your playing ordinary game, but pubg, life after and other heavy games, youll notice the difference. Youll only get a maximum of 2.5 Ghz and much worse. It does not stay there for long and revert back to 1.56. Items in game tends to load much slower compared to xiaomi m11. note that both of the phone are connected to the same internet.

    Now, why would you not expect to have it stay on 100% frequency?

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    I have the same problem and it is not normal, I am very disappointed with the phone at the moment.

    My wife's Mi 11 performs much better on Genshin Impact than on my ROG 5 with cooler and X Mod +.

    I hope that the next update will correct this problem otherwise I think I will resell it.

  • I am with you bro. And to make matters worse. Rog 5 cost a lot compared to xiaomi mi11, which mi11 perform much better compared to rog 5. If this issue will not be solved? This is just the end of the 2nd quarter of the year, so there will be a lot of phone which will be released this year which will overpower rog 5 in terms of performance, then buying this phone is a bad choice.

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    Here is the joke...

    Gaming phone....

  • as a CODM player that enjoys 3.1ghz stable on his Rog3 I couldn't agree more. The difference between running with flucting clockspeeds and stable full speed is imense, it's much more responsive and frametimes are rock stable, with fluctuations you realy have stupid input lag issues and unstable frametimes causing very laggy and annoying gameplay.

    Also, I did read lots of reports about SD 888 performing weird even on other gaming phones, while obviously Rog5 being the worst, I've warned people about this times and times again but people do not want to listen and get angry at me while calling me a hater, meanwhile I've seen 2 of said people here complaining about performance and other issues. 🙄

  • You are right. And im sorry for earlier. You should atleast tone down hiw you respond to others especially their cocnerns. Rog 3 seems to be more stabke in terms of clockspeed. Is this a software issue that can be fixed? If nit im cinsidering selling this ohine and settling for rog 3.

  • Same issue, And according to @Danishblunt that this is a software, which I hope it is. I am just hoping the they can resolve this issue soon and it will be delivered on the next update, also with the throttling and stuttering issue. If not, it is really disappointing and regretful having this phone. Considering the next step as you.

  • This is a software issue because they reduced the performance so the temps are down,it was mentioned on the update

    And even a moderator defended the company's choice because of ungrateful rog 3 users complaining about thermals

    Rog 5 can achieve the same thermals as rog 3 but with 50% less performance which is absolutely disgraceful

    Next time you buy a phone,wait for a few months,because even happy rog 5 users are lying that they are happy with this phone

  • You are right. 😔, no qualms on that, should have waited for few moths and checked for issues at hand before buying.

  • The frequency stats in game genie can only show the frequency of your main core and this is the only core that can reach 2.84hz.

    This isn't the only core that's doing all the heavy lifting. Quite the opposite actually. The GPU is much more important and if we were to lock the main cpu core at 2.84ghz, then temp would rise and we would have to throttle the GPU resulting in much worse performance.

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    The GPU already throttles,its better to limit that as 680mhz are already enough for mobile games,or maybe you can push an update that locks to 2.84Ghz,or make the boosting behaviour more aggressive and stable,lots of people are complaining about issues like that,especially in pubg mobile and Genshin impact

  • As anders was pointing out, most games don't utilize the prime core properly. Seeing ONLY the prime core is not a definitive "oh no my CPU is throttling", it's just an indication at best. That being said the monitoring on the gamegenie needs to be reworked into something more useful.

    Overall what Anders is implying here is that the Rog5 simply cannot handle the CPU and GPU at full throttle on the Rog5.

    Infact the Rog5 cannot even handle the GPU at full throttle which we have been seeing a lot with 3dmark stresstests and most importantly emulation where the performance really takes a nosedive as well. While it's partly to blame on ASUS's choice to go for design over raw cooling performance, it's also something you can easily blame qualcom for, as the SD 888 chip really is hella inefficient and causes problems on all devices aside from the ones that took a ridicolous cooling initiative, huge props to xiaomi and nubia for the insane cooling, not gonna lie, everytime I see the dissassembly of bs4 and bs3, as a modder that mods PC's and other devices, I can't help but admire the craftmanship and care in the design of those phones.

  • I see. So there is no fix for this problem like s software update? Since, just like you said @Danishblunt this is a design of the phone which we can' t do nothing about unless they get all the rog 5 amd redesign it, which is impossible. Please let me know.

  • I cannot tell for sure if this isnt fixable with software or not. While the phone cannot handle the SD888 at default on full speed, there is a possibility to optimize the SoC so that the phone might be able to handle full speed optimized with its current design, that being said I do not own a phone with a SD 888 chipset so I do not know how freely you can modify it and even if, there are barely developers out there that do these sorts of things anyways. On the Rog3 I am the only kernel developer who has changed the SoC's behaviour and optimized it, so unless a developer who has interest in fixing the Rog5 and assuming the SoC allows modifcation I wouldnt assume it's going to be fixed. You really don't see many devs these days that take the time to optimize phones, most devs just do small modifcations and call it a day.

  • I ROG 3 is really better than ROG 5 in terms of gaming performace. The only advantage for rog 5 is the sd888 and nothing more,😔😔😔.

    Should I settle for rog 3 sa my main gaming phone? But it only have 8gb of ram, compared to rog 5 with 16GB of ram. And it is the 3rd repair to the service center I made for rog 3, since it suddenly shuts off.. Any advice? @Danishblunt

  • 8GB ram is more than enough for gaming. Playing games like Genshin impact would only require you around 4GBish ram.

    Rog3 does have the issue with the panel as of now. Only fix is my kernel but people have been talking about a fix for A11 stable version where the panel gets properly fixed (fingers crossed). I would strongly suggest waiting for that before making any decisions, if the display gets a fix with A11 stable I can safely recommend the Rog3. If you want an up 2 date gaming phone and care about performance, red magic 6 or black shark 4 are better options, they perform better and especially the latter has some seriously nice features such as magnetic shoulder buttons and best phone speakers.

    Rog3's aren't normally filled with issues other than software so hearing about 3rd repair for a rog3 seems unusual. I'll assume you have a tencent version, so I'd say the best course of action is to buy an EDL cable and do a complete clean install with a raw firmare file to ensure the phone is not restarting due to software. If it still does then I would say service center should do a proper repair on the logicboard, however due to ASUS not having their own service centers and instead hiring 3rd party centers, the quality of the repair will vary. If you do not have any kind of warranty I'd probably go with a reputable 3rd party repair shop.

  • Thanks @Danishblunt. I think this rog 3 is global, it did say Strix version in box. And night it on an Asus store.

    Yes, you are correct regarding the service centers.

    In regarding for EDL cable and installing a raw firmware, I thing I will stop there. I don't know how those things work.

    Ill just have to wait for the rog 3 and rog 5 updates, and check which is better in terms of performance. Thanks for recommending those phine. I am also thinking on going with redmagic 6 if the performance of rog 5 wont improve after this July update hopefully.

    After month of July if no update, and if there is, if no improvements on the gaming performance. I guess its time to give up hoping for this rog 5 phone. Its time sell this and move on to other phones

    Thanks @Danishblunt

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