Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 Issues

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Mic problems on 2 issues :

1) while playing game suddenly mic is stopped working in pubg even though the permissions to mic of the app is enabled but I can't be able to access the mic in game.

2) while talking in a call sometimes the other person cant hear my voice even I was talking i have checked the mic is on only but still others can't be able to hear my voice.

Phone call issues :

while talking in phone the other persons voice is very low even my call volume is full but I still can't hear him but while connecting to earphones I can hear them clearly

Update issues :

Android 10 is still unavailable even I have checked the updates many times


  • Hi, we request you to provide us your device's latest firmware version. You can follow the below instructions to do the same: Settings -- About -- Software Information.

    Regarding the update we would request you to kindly stay connected with us for the announcement related to the release of Android 10. However, if you would like to experience Android 10 Beta it is available on the support page.

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    can I post those info in this ?

  • Yes, we request you to share with us your device's latest firmware version. You can follow the below instructions to do the same: Settings -- About -- Software Information.

  • mobile is not allowing to enter any recovery mode. And it's not even showing anything on screen just a blank black screen, even though mobile is getting a charge.

    For this, I visited Asus's authorized service center. They asked me to keep the phone with them so that they can check and revert back to me. As per the engineer, my mobile was not charging and not turning on. First, he told me that screen is faulty needs to change. How it can be possible?. I told him that it was just a software glitch after the FOTA mobile stopped working. Then he said give me time will call you back. On the second call, he said this is a motherboard issue. Again how it could be possible? I am very much sure that this issue is only software-based. Even if is a motherboard issue. as a customer, i haven't done any wrong with mobile... It was the company's FOTA update that causes this issue. He charged me Rs.250 for this troubleshooting. He said he tried to update the software but didn't work.

       I picked my mobile and paid Rs 250 for nothing. As per the engineer, his last conclusion is that mobile is not even getting turn on neither getting charged. I knew he was laying now. I went home with my mobile and try to change my mobile with the Asus charger, it was charging, and the mobile screen light up. 

       My only concern is this not my fault that after Asus FOTA update my mobile got bricked. I know this is a well-known issue and lots of Max Pro M2 users are facing this due to faulty FOTA updates.

       Requesting you to resolve this issue. This mobile is bricked since April.

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